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mSpy Interviews Carrie Krawiec from the BMC

Carrie Krawiec, LMFT at the Birmingham Maple Clinic, was recently featured in an interview on mSpy.com. In it, they discuss major issues affecting children today, such as video game addiction, cyberbullying, and social media, as well as some tips on recognizing harmful habits and behaviors as kids spend more and more time online. Here is … Read more

How to emotionally prepare your child for college life – BMC on WXYZ

College is a major transition time for your kids – it’s the first time they’re leaving “the nest”, and are suddenly strapped with new responsibilities like managing finances and rigorous courses, and many college students report that they weren’t emotionally prepared for college. Lori Edelson, LMSW, ACSW, BCD, LMFT, and owner of the Birmingham Maple … Read more

Preparing a child for kindergarten and success throughout school – BMC on The Oakland Press

Lori Edelson, LMSW, ACSW, BCD, LMFT, and owner of the Birmingham Maple Clinic, was recently featured on The Oakland Press to discuss tips for preparing your child for kindergarden, and how doing so can prepare them with useful skills that will help them throughout their school career. She notes that good habits like exposure to … Read more

How to Handle Parents Who Behave Poorly at Kids’ Sporting Events – BMC on Michigan Mom Living

Daniel P. O’Neil, MA, LLP at the Birmingham Maple Clinic, was recently featured on Michigan Mom Living to explain tactics for dealing with bad behavior from kids sporting events…not from the kids, but from the parents. Daniel describes the increase in competitiveness and elite, “winning is everything” attitudes that are taking over kids’ recreational sports, … Read more

Keep your child learning during summer – BMC on 2wired2tired

Carrie Krawiec, licensed LMFT at the Birmingham Maple Clinic, was recently tapped by blog 2wired2tired for advice on how to keep children stimulated and learning in the summer.  Read the article she wrote below! While the absence of chaotic mornings and hectic school schedules can be a relief for both parents and kids, research shows … Read more

Anxiety Group for Middle-School Aged Females at Birmingham Maple Clinic

Led by: Ronnie Hormel, MA, LLPC, NCC and Jessica Garrett, PhD, LLP, NCSP Dates: Saturday, September 17 and Saturday, October 15 from 11 am – 1 pm Target audience: Middle-school aged females (11-14 y/o) struggling with anxiety and social skills Rationale: Anxiety occurs in both genders, but by the teenage years, girls are much more at … Read more

Supervision and Flexibility Are Key To Safe Online Gaming

In a single week Pokemon Go has reached more than 7.5 million users. It has sparked controversy because its use led to countless injuries and inspired criminals to set traps for unsuspecting teens. Parents should consider ramping up supervision and monitoring to make sure their teens can enjoy the game safely and responsibly. Some ideas for parents: Rules … Read more

How to Move Past Your Parents Mistakes and Stop Blaming Them for Everything

From EverydayPowerBlog.com: You have the power to learn and grow from your parent’s mistakes…if that’s what you want to call them… there is no perfect parent and lots of conflicting opinions about parenting… but nonetheless people  seem to  feel the best about their childhood when their parent’s choices, behavior, personality seemed to be a good … Read more

Therapy Can Lay the Groundwork for Improved Parent-Child Relationship After Divorce

BMC therapist Julie Balow writes about the importance of both parents making custody and visitation work in the aftermath of divorce.  Recently, an Oakland County family court judge ordered three minor children to a juvenile detention facility for refusing to visit with their father. The reason this case is making local and national headlines is … Read more

Students Can Feel Overwhelmed by College Pressures

UPenn freshman Madison Holleran seemed to have it all. Bright, athletic, with many friends, Madison in fact struggled with the pressures of balancing her social, academic, and sporting commitments. From the outside, her social media profiles belied the reality, but things weren’t as perfect as they seemed. To learn more about Madison’s story, watch the video below.

“Perfectionism” and the Importance of Process

In this blog article, Birmingham Clinic therapist Dina Berdy discusses the problem of “perfectionism”, why it’s prevalent, and how to help your child have a more realistic outlook. The problem of perfectionism appears more pervasive among girls and women however it’s my observation that this problem is becoming more prevalent with boys and men as … Read more

Watch Dan O’Neil Discuss Teen Sexting on Local 4 News

Birmingham Maple Clinic works closely with parents, schools, physicians, government agencies and the media to help them deal effectively with the many issues facing today’s teenagers.One such issue is Teenage Sexting. Teenage Sexting is the practice of teens sending pics, videos and texts containing nudity or other sexual material to other teens. The most frequent … Read more

Help Your Children Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions

Carrie Krawiec is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Birmingham Maple Clinic in Troy, MI and executive director of Michigan Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She specializes in helping families create adaptive routines and problem solve. As 2014 winds down, Carrie hears from many people seeking assistance in setting, and sticking to, New … Read more

Lawnmower Parenting: Clearing a Path for Kids Can Lead to a Bumpy Ride

We’re all familiar with the term Helicopter Parent–those parents that hover over their children constantly fussing and worrying. 
”Lawnmower parents” are the newest and most aggressive breed of helicopter parent. The term refers to those who “clear a path” for their kid, smoothing over any rough patches before their kids even encounter them. These are … Read more

Teen Sexting: Information for Parents

On Friday October 17, 2014, Dan O’Neil, Birmingham Maple Clinic therapist, spoke with WJR’s Paul W. Smith on the topic of sexting. This interview addressed growing parent concern following the recent legal issues plaguing hundreds of teens in two metro-Detroit communities. Sexting, the act of sending sexually explicit messages, primarily between mobile phones, differs from … Read more

Parental Involvement May Shield Teens from Adolescent Turmoil

Research has long linked cyber bullying and problems like anxiety, depression and self-harm as well as alcohol and prescription drug abuse. In new research published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, the researchers who surveyed nearly 19,000 students between the ages of 12 and 18 from schools in the Midwest also found teens eating dinner with … Read more

4 Things Parents Can Do to Help Their Kids Get Better Sleep

Recent studies reported by The Today Show have linked poor sleep behaviors in teenager years to depression, obesity, automobile accidents, and reduced grades and test scores. The American Academy of Pediatrics have supported a shift to later start times, such as 8:30 am, for middle school and high school students.  While some districts are making … Read more

Katy Perry Tickets & Good Parenting: Lessons to be Learned

North Dakota mother, Cindy Bjerke garnered oodles of online attention when she posted her daughter’s Katy Perry tickets for sale online as a consequence and called her 18-year-old daughter “a spoiled brat.”  While some commended her courage and consistency to follow through with a significant consequence others condemned her for publicly shaming her daughter and … Read more