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BMC Staff Trainings and Seminars

Upcoming Events:

VIRTUAL TRAINING on Friday May 21st, 2021 9:00AM-11:00AM (2 hours of training – You will be emailed ZOOM credentials) – POSTPONED! NEW DATE TBD.

Event: COVID-19 and It’s Impact On Human Trafficking

Speaker: David Manville, BSW – Eastern Michigan University, School of Social Work, Faculty Member

Educational Objectives:

  • Participants will understand the impact of Covid on human trafficking survivors
  • Attendees will understand how Covid impacted the lack of resources for human trafficking survivors
  • Participants will understand how the economic impact of Covid increased vulnerabilities of those trafficked
  • Participants will gain understanding of the consequences on children due to Covid

VIRTUAL TRAINING on Friday June 11, 2021 9:00AM-12:00PM (You will be emailed ZOOM credentials)

Event: A New Paradigm for Addressing the Health and Wellness Needs of Men and Boys

Speaker: Randy Flood, MA LLP – Founder/Director of the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan

Educational Objectives:

  • Increase awareness of how a toxic male socialization process cultivates gender specific mental, emotional, and behavioral health problems for males.
  • Understand how a more precise diagnostic category—Mascupathy—explains the problems men have with their self-concept, emotional intelligence, intimacy skills, and propensity for externalization.
  • Explore how toxic male socialization can lead to males having specific problems such as domestic violence, anger management, sexual acting out, and substance abuse.
  • Review and explain how specialized gender sensitive treatment approaches can effectively engage and help males make progress in counseling.


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