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Professional Trainings and Seminars

Upcoming Events:

Friday July 19, 2019 from 9:00am-11:00am

Event: Psychodynamic Case Conceptualization

Speaker: Dr. Robert S. Fink, PhD
Oakland University;

This workshop will consist of 2 case conceptualizations, 1 adult case and 1 child/adolescent case. With the purpose of helping the clinician’s collective understanding of the client’s problems as viewed through a psychodynamic orientation. The biological, psychological, and social contexts of the client will be examined in detail. Research will be presented relating to the specific case, co‐occurring symptoms will be identified with the goal of reaching a well formulated diagnosis. Ultimately a treatment plan will be discussed in relation to the diagnosis. The seminars main purpose is to help model a breakdown and to provide a theoretical orientation that works within a framework for the clinician. The goals are to condense and synthesize multiple pieces of information into a coherent and well‐developed narrative. This narrative will help to identify not only the precipitating cause(s) of the client’s problems, but also the internal and external drives of the client, that maintain the problems.

Friday August 16th from 9:00am-11:30am

Event: Human Trafficking Education Seminar Course Description

Speaker: Amy Rouleau, Executive Director at Restoration Place
“Human Trafficking”;

Human Trafficking Education Seminar Course Description
This course is recommended for individuals 16 years and up, men and women. It is intended to teach individuals, families, and professionals how to identify and respond to human trafficking. The pervasive heinous crime of human trafficking has reach epidemic levels, not just around the world but in every state and every community in the United States. Predators/Traffickers are well-attuned to vulnerabilities in individuals and routinely target children, adolescents, and young adults and force, trick, and coerce them into a life of trafficking. While labor and sex trafficking are both present here in the U.S., sex trafficking is represented the most.

This seminar provides an in-depth view of human trafficking; how it occurs, what it looks like, and how to respond.

Course Learning Outcomes:

1: Differentiate the Federal definition of human trafficking from state and local; and from other crimes most often associated with human trafficking
2: Summarize what human trafficking looks like globally, nationally, state-wide, and locally
3: Identify warning signs and behaviors associated with traffickers, victims, and potential victims
4: Explain connections between human trafficking and early childhood sexual trauma, foster care, and homeless youth.
5: Apply knowledge in professional field; dentistry, medical, nursing, social work, counseling, psychology, psychiatry, pharmacy, physical therapy, education (K-12), case management, family therapy, law enforcement, and others.


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