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Professional Trainings and Seminars

Upcoming Events:

Friday, October 21st, 2022 from 8:30am-12:00pm  

Location:  Birmingham Maple Clinic

2.5 CEUs Available  

Expanding your therapy tool kit for: Working with people who have experienced painful life events. Dan O’Neil, MA, LLP Participants will be shown the reasoning behind several treatment approaches combining mind, body, emotions and spirit. Therapist/Participants will be offered simple tools that can be incorporated into their own style of conducting therapy. The tools will especially empower those who have been impacted by overwhelming life event(s). Concepts will be set forth. Exercises will be demonstrated with an invitation to engage. The concepts and the exercises will be suitable for all ages. Concepts to be set forth:
  • Various clinical presentations of those who have experienced overwhelming event(s)
  • Definitions of the word ‘trauma’ (big T, little t, DSM, ICD, WHO)
  • Some recognized treatment approaches: EMDR, EFT (tapping) and other energy based techniques, Heart Assisted Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Trauma Focused CBT
  • Polyvagal Theory and the nervous system doing it’s job
  • Three phases of trauma treatment (Stabilization/Safety, Mourning/Remembering, Meaning/Reconnection)
  • Top-Down treatment approaches
  • Bottom-Up treatment approaches
  • Window of Tolerance
  • Therapist self care
Exercises to be demonstrated and practiced:
  • EFT tapping, basic recipe
  • grounding techniques
  • 6 different intentional breathing techniques
  • Eden energy routines to ground, center and calm
  • Simple Qi gong movements

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