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Christine Muska, MA, LMFT is providing consultation as a CIT

What issues are best treated with EMDR?

“In my experience, EMDR works well for PTSD and anyone who has experienced a trauma or overwhelming life event that impacts an individual who might not necessarily meet DSM criteria for PTSD (e.g. being teased when young). There is research being conducted on treatment for eating disorders, phobia, anxiety, substance use issues, and depression. This might be due to one component of the model that focuses on the negative belief that is learned through the development of these disorders, e.g. “I need to be in control to feel safe,” “I am not worthy,” or “I need feel numb,” etc.”

How did you become interested in EMDR?

“I had heard about EMDR in graduate school and worked in fMRI research for 4 years prior to graduate school. I had a significant interest in how brain activation played a role in our mental health. When I came across the model, the research existed to support the efficacy of it to help with symptoms of PTSD and trauma. In my first job as a clinician, our agency assisted many of us in getting trained due to the overwhelming amount of trauma that existed working with an urban, underserved, multi-stressed population. It was a wonderful experience to witness change in my clients so quickly; I was hooked. I remain interested in the model because of it being client led and how it seems to help clients reduce symptoms at a faster rate.”

What is a Consultant in Training (CIT)?

A Consultant-in-Training is an EMDRIA Certified Therapist who has completed the CIT declaration process, upholds the terms & agreements and is actively working towards becoming an Approved Consultant (EMDRIA.org).

Christine’s approved consultant is Dr. Lawrence Wentworth.

What is the cost?

Individual consultation is $60/hour. No cost for group consultation. 

What are the goals of consultation?

These depend on what you want to achieve and will be discussed at first consultation:

  • To complete the 10 hours of consultation to meet EMDR basic training requirements *approval by trainer needed
  • To gain knowledge regarding complex trauma, build confidence using EMDR, but not EMDRIA credential purposes
  • To achieve the EMDRIA Certification credential (EMDRIA.org)

How many consultation hours can I obtain from a CIT if I am seeking EMDRIA Certification?

A CIT can provide up to 15 hours of consultation to EMDR trained clinicians who are working towards EMDRIA Certification. EMDRIA Certification applicants must obtain 20 hours of consultation on their use of EMDR with clients. The remaining 5 hours must come from an Approved Consultant (EMDRIA.org.).

What are benefits of becoming certified?

  • Some clients will seek the highest level trained clinician
  • Enhanced professional credibility
  • Increased client referrals
  • It will ensure that you remain up-to-date with EMDR therapy applications and best practices.



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