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Psychological Testing

What is psychological testing and assessment?

In many ways, psychological testing is similar to going to a physician’s office to check on your physical health. Instead of X-rays or bloodwork, psychologists use scientifically researched and widely-used tests to measure and describe a person’s thinking abilities, behavior, emotions, and/or personality. There are a variety of psychological tests; some feel like you are playing a game or completing a puzzle. Other test measures are true-false or open-ended questions and answers.

Why is psychological testing helpful?

People can experience a range of difficulties in life, such as relationship problems, extreme fears, or poor school or job performance. Testing may help determine why a person is thinking, feeling, or acting in certain ways, or it may provide additional information to help guide psychotherapy, medication prescribing, or assistance at school. Psychological testing is a way to measure and describe a person’s troubles and decide what to do about them. People frequently report feeling better, or relieved, when we can answer questions, such as, “What’s going on with me?” and “What am I going to do about it?” Psychological testing helps answer these questions.

What is the timeline for completing an evaluation?

You will first meet with the psychologist to discuss your concerns. The psychologist will then help determine which testing procedures to use in order to help explain your concerns. Another appointment will be scheduled to administer the tests; which may take up to four hours. The psychologist will then bring you back for a follow-up visit to present test results and findings, clarify any questions or concerns, and provide recommendations and referrals.
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