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Who gets therapy, are they all crazy or weird?

How do I know if I should be getting therapy?

What if I know I am not crazy, but may just need help dealing with some things in my life?

Birmingham Maple Clinic features private offices for all Therapy

Most people who enter therapy at outpatient mental health clinics like Birmingham Maple Clinic are well-functioning, competent individuals who are seeking help with difficult problems in their everyday life. They enter therapy for the same reasons you might; to get answers to questions or dilemmas in their life. They usually come for a relatively short period of time and leave once their goals are achieved. 

There are also people who come to therapy facing unusual or extraordinary life events. These people enter therapy to get help dealing with problems that can be overwhelming or even devastating. Depending on their goals and the issues they are facing, therapy can last for a long period of time.

There are many reasons people come to therapy. Whether the problems are small and easily treated or large life-long issues, therapy is appropriate and successful for a wide range of situations. At Birmingham Maple Clinic therapy is designed to work for today’s world.

So, how are you to know if you need therapy? It is hard to tell. But, don’t assume therapy is only for those who are extremely miserable or depressed. Use yourself and your own feelings as your guide. Whatever the problem is, if it consistently hinders you, you might want to consider therapy. Remember that we all could use a little help from time to time.


  • You feel stuck, trapped and unable to get yourself out.
  • Your sleep, appetite, relationships or health are significantly affected.
  • You feel burdened or overwhelmed by your emotions.
  • You often feel frustrated.
  • You feel worried, nervous and anxious more than you like.
  • You feel alone or misunderstood.
  • You often feel angry, tired, unmotivated or disinterested.
  • You keep trying, but things just don’t get any better.
  • Your family or well-meaning friends suggest it might be good for you.
  • You are experiencing a major life transition.
  • You are trying to make a serious decision or change in your life.
  • You remain troubled by the death or loss of someone very important.


How can a total stranger who knows nothing about my life or me actually help? How can talking about my problems help? I already do that and it doesn’t help!

Most people who enter therapy get past feeling the therapist is a stranger and find therapy to be far more rewarding than they ever dreamed it would be. In fact, many people find the therapy relationship to be one of their most honest and productive relationships. They see therapy as a goal-directed relationship that is devoted entirely to what they need without the hidden agendas or pressures to perform and conform, which they may feel in their other relationships.

At Birmingham Maple Clinic, we believe that creating this type of relationship is essential to successful therapy. We choose therapists based on their ability to connect, interact and relate to their clients in a comfortable and enjoyable manner. We choose professionally and socially accomplished therapists who know how to establish a connection with their clients through good interpersonal skills and a strong commitment to the therapeutic relationships they develop with their clients. Our overall goal is to help our clients resolve the issues in their lives as quickly and completely as possible.


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