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Are We Over-Prescribing ADHD Medications to Children? (Audio)

This Tuesday, February 4th, BMC’s Clinical Director, Lori Edelson, and child psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey London from the BMC were guests on The Craig Fahle Show on 101.9FM WDET to discuss the current state of ADHD diagnoses and treatment.  In the interview, both mental health experts agree that comprehensive evaluation is necessary for both child and … Read more

Parenting Advice for the Future: Train, Don’t Just Treat

When people learn my profession as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specifically my work with teens and their families, I often get the question “So what’s up with kids these days?” The answer I have cultivated over the years goes a little something like this “I think it’s a combination of a sense of … Read more

Stepparenting Advice: BMC on Parents.com

The parenting experts at Parents.com recently got in contact with Birmingham Maple Clinic for some tips  to put into several articles they are doing about stepparenting. The first article, titled “The Do’s and Don’ts of Stepparent Discipline“, talks about how a stepparent should and should not go about gaining a child’s respect, agreement, and love.  … Read more

Road Tripping with Toddlers: BMC on the Live Out Nanny

Carrie Krawiec from the Birmingham Maple Clinic was recently quoted in an article by Live Out Nanny regarding tips for going on the road with your young child for a long period of time.  Here is what Carrie had to say about setting guidelines and encouraging positive behavior after those long hours in the car.  … Read more

Failure to Launch Adolescents: BMC on Fox 2 News

Lori Edelson, Clinic Director of Birmingham Maple Clinic in Troy, MI appeared on Fox 2 News Detroit with Kam Carmen to discuss “Failure to Launch.” “Failure to Launch” refers to the adolescents and young adults that are out of work, out of school, financially reliant on parents and not meeting other appropriate developmental markers. In … Read more

What New Moms Should Delegate to Friends and Family – BMC on Mom.me

BMC’s Carrie Krawiec was recently featured on Mom.me, a blogging and news site for all things concerning moms and parents. They recently did an image blog on tips for properly managing the flurry of tasks required for a new baby and delegating responsibly, and Carrie’s tip was to Be Specific. Here’s an excerpt below, and … Read more

BMC’s Carrie Krawiec Featured on AllParenting.com: How to Get Your Kids Up!

Carrie Krawiec, LMFT was just featured in an article on AllParenting.com, a very reputable online parenting resource from the publishers of SheKnows.  The article focuses on how to get stubborn kids up in the morning, and Carrie offers an great technique you can try.  An excerpt from the article is shown below: If your kids … Read more

“Failure To Launch” Isn’t Just A Movie Title

Most of us can identify several developmental milestones that embody adulthood.  They include:     Graduating college     Living independently from parents     Financial independence     Significant relationship with an adult partner     Making decisions about having a family Typically this occurs in a person’s mid-to-late 20’s, but in the last several years, we have seen … Read more

CTFD: A Viral Condition That Parents Need to Catch

Is your child involved in the recommended 2-3 extra-curricular activities per week?  Are you keeping their diet gluten-free?  Are you a Tiger Mom?  Are you adopting a no-punishment parental strategy?  Is your child contributing to their personal growth on their free time? Don’t have the answers to these questions?  It’s okay.  If these prompts got … Read more

School Counselor Visit

Birmingham Maple Clinic therapists Kristen Beesley, Jim Kors, and Carrie Krawiec, along with child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr. Jeffrey London presented to local public school counselors, social workers, and psychologists on the topic of differentiating between ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression. The counseling staffs from Birmingham, Clawson, and Royal Oak visited the clinic to learn about … Read more

Michigan Child Abuse Prevention Day Highlights “The Power Of One”

April 16th is Michigan Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness Day, with kickoff held at the steps of the State Capital in downtown Lansing and additional learning and awareness opportunities planned throughout the community.  According to the Michigan Children’s Trust Fund, this annual event was developed to “acknowledge the importance of families and communities working together … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Introduces Educational Group for Parents with Jerome Price

How many times have parents been told “It’s my life!” by a teen that seems to be out of control. Teens are very vulnerable to believing that they can handle everything and do not need the support or imposition of adults. They are struggling to take control of their lives while at the same time … Read more

National Child Abuse and Prevention Month Coming up in April

Next month is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, designed to raise awareness among communities and organizations around the critical issues of child abuse and neglect, and to education the public on child abuse prevention.  As part of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, the state of Michigan also recognizes April 16th as Michigan Child Abuse Prevention … Read more