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Extraordinary Times 33: Why Will Psychological Problems Get Worse as We Resume Our Lives?

During the first few months of the quarantine, most people were on “auto-pilot” and making every preparation to take care of their basic needs.  While anxiety and panic were obvious, we did not prioritize our psychological state because there were “more important” needs to attend to immediately; food, shelter, income, and more.  This is normal … Read more

Extraordinary Times 31: Isolation as an Opportunity

Isolation is most-often associated with depression and suicidality.  Let’s try to re-frame isolation to see how it may be an opportunity for growth. Try something new Learn to be patient with yourself Give yourself extra room to dream and prioritize Isolation as an opportunity for growth, reflection, development Reframe as peaceful time  

Extraordinary Times 27: Mental Health Getting Worse During Quarantine

If you delay seeking mental health treatment help, symptoms may intensify and as the stressors intensify. Stressors that may intensify during quarantine may include: Underlying mental health issues prior to coronavirus Isolation and loneliness Financial Pressure Fears about job loss Family pressure and conflict Mental health treatment is available through community mental health organizations as … Read more

Extraordinary Times 25: Anxiety vs. Optimism

Predicting the future is the underlying theme of both Anxiety and Optimism.   Anxiety is a fearful, negative prediction of the future and Optimism is a hopeful, positive prediction of the future.  Both are predictions – with the opposite perspective. How can we moderate and modify the negative, fearful predictions: Break down fearful thoughts into smaller … Read more

Extraordinary Times 23: Why are Some Kids Anxious While Others Are Not?

What differentiates our kids from each other?  Some children are easy-going and carefree, and some are so anxious and fearful.  There are many reasons, including the following: Constitutional temperament from birth We inherit anxiety genetically Environmental factors impact anxiety Kids overhear parents talking about their own worries Media can be frightening and should be limited … Read more

Extraordinary Times 19: What Is PTSD?

PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and is a psychological reaction to a trauma, a severe stressor, a natural disaster, being the victim or witness of a crime, living through a devastating catastrophe, and other similar types of circumstances. We used to think that only war veterans and victims of violent crimes could have PTSD.  … Read more

Extraordinary Times 16: What Will Therapy Look Like After Coronavirus?

Long-lasting changes to the ways we do things are inevitable now. Waiting Rooms in out-patient therapy clinics offices will be reconfigured and reimagined Meeting certain physical and medical guidelines before entering a therapy clinic Wearing a mask and gloves when entering and exiting the building Social distancing in the therapist’s office Payment on line Virtual … Read more

Extraordinary Times 10: Talking with Preteens and Teens During the Crisis

Adolescence is an especially vulnerable time under the best of circumstances and the pandemic of coronavirus may be more than the adolescent can handle.  Self-doubt, prioritizing social connections, forging a separate identity from parents are all more difficult when confined under a quarantine apart from their peers. Signs of distress include: Reckless behaviors Isolating from … Read more

Extraordinary Times 9: Children with Special Needs during the Coronavirus Crisis

Children with special needs are sensitive to the emotions around and stressors around them.  Pay attention to cues that your special needs child is experiencing intensified stress: Body language and physiologic state Emotions may seem heightened and more agitated or irritable More difficult to calm or soothe Your child may need more soothing and calming … Read more

Extraordinary Times 8: Secondary Traumatic Stress

This is a very real phenomenon that occurs as a result of witnessing other’s trauma.   First-line health care providers and caregivers are the most vulnerable to this disorder. Depression Despair and hopelessness Loss of important beliefs Aggressive behavior toward oneself or others Self-blame, guilt, and shame Those who are dedicated to taking care of others often … Read more

The Vital Role of Psychotherapists in Treating Traumatized Medical Professionals

I sit writing this in the heart of Detroit, the Michigan epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. In just two weeks, a solitary confirmed case of COVID-19 has mushroomed into thousands testing positive for the disease. Nearly 1,000 Michiganders have died so far, most of them Detroiters. The number rise even as I edit this. Sadly, … Read more

Extraordinary Times 1: Answering Your Children’s Questions About Coronavirus

When talking to your children: Be honest Use the facts; and if you’re not sure, verify your information Monitor your mood and emotional tone; kids of all ages absorb our feelings Deliver your explanations and information in language your child understands; developmentally appropriate words and concepts. Often your child doesn’t want to know as much … Read more

Shoplifting, Compulsive Spending, Hoarding and Employee Theft – Guest Lecturer, Terrence Shulman

Renowned expert, Terrence Shulman, LMSW, JD, was a guest lecturer at Birmingham Maple Clinic today, February 21, 2020, where he presented a 6-hour training seminar for BMC therapists about “Shoplifting, Compulsive Spending, Hoarding and Employee Theft.”   Mr. Shulman shared facts about each of the topics, including etiologic factors, psychological factors, genetic and familial factors and … Read more

How Men Lose the Respect of Their Families – BMC on Fatherly

Fatherhood and the respect of their families is a conversation that has been changing recently in the face of new research and social dynamics.  Carrie Krawiec, a family therapist at the BMC, was recently interviewed to discuss the topic of how fathers commonly lose the respect of their families, through obvious reasons (such as infidelity, … Read more

7 Anxiety Management Techniques To Help Calm Your Mind & Body – BMC on Romper

  Anxiety disorders are becoming increasingly common in a technology-driven, fast-paced world, and not everyone adopts healthy coping habits to deal with it.  Carrie Krawiec, marriage and family therapist at the Birmingham Maple Clinic, recently stopped by Romper.com to discuss healthy thought practices and habits to combat anxiety, rather than harmful behaviors like self-medicating and … Read more

Financial infidelity more common than you think

Relationship infidelity isn’t limited to only physical or emotional infidelity.  Researchers are finding an increasing form of infidelity includes breaking family budgets, accruing massive hidden debt, and making huge purchases without prior discussion or approval from the other partner.  In fact, financial website, The Ascent, found that in a survey, over 71% of respondents reported … Read more

The Power of Intention – 1 Day Workshop

Birmingham Maple Clinic psychotherapist, Kate Smith, MA, LLP, will be re-featuring an workshop in conjunction with Karma Yoga. The intimate one-day workshop, titled “The Power of Your Intention” is devoted to guide and inspire participants to open themselves to gain access to intention using guided imagery, hypnosis, discussion, and experiential exercises. Kate is a licensed … Read more

In Search of a Deeper Meaning of Narcissism

Internationally renowned psychoanalyst, Neville Symington, presented a paper for the clinical staff at Birmingham Maple Clinic today, titled “In Search of a Deeper Meaning of Narcissism,” in which he suggested that the root of many of the other severe disorders we diagnose, such as Borderline Personality Disorder, OCD, Schizophrenia, and other mental disorders, are more … Read more

What’s most important about applying to college? BMC on Oakland County Press

College admission season is starting, and events like the recent Operations Varsity Blues scandal are exposing the rising value of labels in academia. Carrie Krawiec, LMFT from the Birmingham Maple Clinic, was recently quoted by the Oakland Press to discuss this phenomenon, and the importance of letting their children’s wishes and comfort take the front … Read more

The Power of Intention – Workshop with Karma Yoga

Birmingham Maple Clinic psychotherapist, Kate Smith, MA, LLP, will be featured in an upcoming three-part workshop in conjunction with Karma Yoga. The intimate workshop, titled “The Power of Your Intention” is devoted to guide and inspire participants to open themselves to gain access to intention using discussion, guided imagery, hypnosis, and experiential exercises. Kate is … Read more

The Roots of Insecurity and Jealousy in Relationships

Insecurity and jealousy in relationships are all too common issues that affect modern relationship health.  Where do these feelings stem from?  Carrie Krawiec from the BMC was recently interviewed by Up Journey to discuss some of the deep psychological root causes that may directly or indirectly lead to insecurity and jealousy issues.  Here is an … Read more