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EMDR, Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) and Trauma Recovery Network (TRN)

Serious psychological trauma results from natural and man-made disasters. The wounding afflicts direct and indirect survivors and the first responders who come to their aid. Since 1995, at the time of a terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City, Trauma Recovery/ Humanitarian Assistance Programs has brought mental health trauma specialists with evidence-based therapy to the scene of disasters, providing … Read more

What is Financial Infidelity? – BMC on Shondaland.com

Carrie Krawiec, family therapist at the BMC, recently was quoted on Shondaland.com to discuss financial infidelity.  Financial infidelity, like other forms of infidelity, is a serious relationship issue that creates lasting distrust and discomfort between couples.  It is defined by a partner concealing harmful spending habits from the other, leading to financial repercussions like debt … Read more

COVID-19 Triggers the Rise of Illness Anxiety Disorder – BMC on Seen Magazine

Lori Edelson, family therapist and founder of the BMC, was recently featured on Seen Magazine to discuss the rapid rise of Illness Anxiety Disorder due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The length and severity of the global pandemic has people justifiably focused on health – but illness anxiety becomes a disorder when it affects daily functioning.  … Read more

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