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Social Skills For Kids: 5 Things Parents Can Do to Build Them at Home – BMC on Fatherly

Jessica Garrett, director of the Center for Psychological Assessment at Birmingham Maple Clinic, was recently featured on Fatherly.com to offer tips on how parents can help kids develop social skills, even while on lockdown at home.  She notes that doing things like scheduling small, controlled “hangouts”, reading a lot (and having them think critically about … Read more

Dealing with Holiday Stress – BMC on Channel 4

Ronnie Hormel, a therapist with Birmingham Maple Clinic, recently stopped by Channel 4 to give some good advice on how to make it through the holidays this year in lockdown.  Many people were looking forward to the relief of the holidays, but it definitely won’t be the experience that they’re used to.  Ronnie explains how … Read more

Seasonal Affective Disorder – BMC on Channel 4

Ronnie Hormel, a therapist with Birmingham Maple Clinic, recently stopped by Channel 4 to discuss the signs, symptoms, and helpful tips when dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder, which usually worsens around this time due to Daylight Savings Time and the winter. Click here to watch the video on Channel 4!

Webinar: Mental Health During COVID

Lori Edelson, therapist and owner of the Birmingham Maple Clinic, was recently featured in a panel to discuss mental health during the COVID crisis. If you’d like to read more involving the COVID crisis and current events, please watch our Extraordinary Times video series.

Extraordinary Times 41: The Silver Lining

While we have all seen and repeated the many serious inconveniences and losses of this overwhelming experience, we may fail to notice that there have been some poignant truths and private times of joy and satisfaction. Make sure not to overlook the things you have gained during these difficult times. We have come to know … Read more

Extraordinary Times 40: Controlling When and What We Can

There is so much we cannot control about coronavirus and all that it has impacted, how can we find any ability to experience some peace and calm?  Studies show that our central nervous system reacts positively when we are able to exert control over our lives and our circumstances and it reacts negatively when we … Read more

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