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How to Handle Parents Who Behave Poorly at Kids’ Sporting Events – BMC on Michigan Mom Living


Daniel P. O’Neil, MA, LLP at the Birmingham Maple Clinic, was recently featured on Michigan Mom Living to explain tactics for dealing with bad behavior from kids sporting events…not from the kids, but from the parents.

Daniel describes the increase in competitiveness and elite, “winning is everything” attitudes that are taking over kids’ recreational sports, causing a reduction in participation and an increase in poor behavior from overly demanding parents.  He then gives some tips to how to de-escalate interactions with poorly behaving parents at children’s sports games.

Daniel explains that:

“It is imperative that adults involved in youth sports control their violent behaviors because rage has no place in recreational sporting activities for children. Unfortunately, parents and other adults have committed senseless violent acts with little or no consequence, inadvertently transmitting an example to children that violence wins.”

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