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More Parents Think Their Kids Have ADHD Now That They Are Learning From Home – BMC on WDET

Jessica Garrett, director of clinical assessment at the Birmingham Maple Clinic, was recently featured on WDET to discuss the new wave of parents testing their kids for ADHD, after “pandemic schooling” them for the last year or so.  She notes that:

Parents are seeing their children school from home, and they’re seeing them in an academic setting where they didn’t have that before…and in a lot of these cases, the teachers have maybe said something to the parent historically, or they maybe had heard it, but they were maybe a little bit dismissive.”

She then discusses the difference between true ADHD symptoms vs. a kid just being a kid, how pandemic stress can make kids a little more distracted than usual, and typical treatment paths for diagnosed ADHD.

Listen to the segment here on WDET!

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