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Bullying Prevention: Birmingham Maple Clinic on Fox 2 News

According to new research from the University of Texas, Arlington and co-authored by a Michigan State University doctoral student, anti-bullying programs that are now commonplace in schools may be having the opposite of their intended effect. The findings, published in a study published today in the Journal of Criminology, found surprisingly that students at schools … Read more

Educational Group for Parents

Birmingham Maple Clinic / Proudly Presents Jerome Price, MA, LMSW, LMFT / Founder / Michigan Family Institute Author of / Power and Compassion: Working with Difficult Adolescents International Speaker, Supervisor & Clinician “The Right To Be The Grown-Up: Learning Skills To Effectively Parent Your Difficult Teen“…an essential model for helping parents to help themselves as … Read more

Parents of AD/HD Students

Yes You Can! AD/HD Homework Challenges Transformed: Creative Ways to Achieve Focus and Attention by Building on AD/HD Traits Creative Approaches to help your AD/HD student with homework Make homework time tearless Use the symptoms of AD/HD to get the work done Jump the answers to Math Sing the answers to Spelling Many more ideas … Read more

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