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Bullying Prevention: Birmingham Maple Clinic on Fox 2 News

According to new research from the University of Texas, Arlington and co-authored by a Michigan State University doctoral student, anti-bullying programs that are now commonplace in schools may be having the opposite of their intended effect. The findings, published in a study published today in the Journal of Criminology, found surprisingly that students at schools … Read more

CTFD: A Viral Condition That Parents Need to Catch

Is your child involved in the recommended 2-3 extra-curricular activities per week?  Are you keeping their diet gluten-free?  Are you a Tiger Mom?  Are you adopting a no-punishment parental strategy?  Is your child contributing to their personal growth on their free time? Don’t have the answers to these questions?  It’s okay.  If these prompts got … Read more

Educational Group for Parents

Birmingham Maple Clinic / Proudly Presents Jerome Price, MA, LMSW, LMFT / Founder / Michigan Family Institute Author of / Power and Compassion: Working with Difficult Adolescents International Speaker, Supervisor & Clinician “The Right To Be The Grown-Up: Learning Skills To Effectively Parent Your Difficult Teen“…an essential model for helping parents to help themselves as … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Introduces Educational Group for Parents with Jerome Price

How many times have parents been told “It’s my life!” by a teen that seems to be out of control. Teens are very vulnerable to believing that they can handle everything and do not need the support or imposition of adults. They are struggling to take control of their lives while at the same time … Read more

Effective ADHD Treatment Requires Help of Parents, Teachers

According to recent research from the Mayo Clinic, developing an effective treatment plan for ADHD when the disorder is diagnosed can be easier when mental health providers have extensive input from teachers and parents of kids who are being diagnosed with ADHD for the first time.  In order to help develop the most effective treatment … Read more

Can Parents be Held Responsible for a Child’s Suicide?

An Associated Press story recently detailed the case of an Indiana woman who has been accused of causing her 16 year old son’s suicide.  The teen, who died after overdosing on prescription medication, reportedly lived in constant fear of his mother and her battle with drug addiction.  According to relatives, previous threats he had made … Read more

Temper Tantrums – Should Parents Be Concerned?

Editor’s ChoiceMain Category: Pediatrics / Children’s HealthAlso Included In: Psychology / Psychiatry;  Mental HealthArticle Date: 31 Aug 2012 – 11:00 PDT A recent study published in The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry may have parents and doctors wondering when a temper tantrum their child has may be something more. Could it be an early sign … Read more

Autism survey for parents may catch disorder early

By MyHealthNewsDaily Staff A survey given to parents when their children are 1-year old children may help identify kids at risk of autism, a new study suggests. Using scores on the survey, called the First Year Inventory, the researchers identified 31 percent of children who were ultimately diagnosed with autism at age 3, the researchers … Read more

Parents of AD/HD Students

Yes You Can! AD/HD Homework Challenges Transformed: Creative Ways to Achieve Focus and Attention by Building on AD/HD Traits Creative Approaches to help your AD/HD student with homework Make homework time tearless Use the symptoms of AD/HD to get the work done Jump the answers to Math Sing the answers to Spelling Many more ideas … Read more