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Anxiety Over Leaving For Summer Camp

I. Sleep-Away Camp is Not for Everyone A. Some parents believe summertime is the time children should be free of commitments and schedules; learn to occupy themselves and enjoy creative free play. B. Sleep-over camp can be very costly. C. Sleep-over camp became popular for kids who lived in urban areas as an opportunity to … Read more

Survivor’s Guilt in Cancer Patients

Survival after cancer treatment has been discussed and researched extensively.  Fears about recurrence, panic and anxiety that peaks just before the 3-month, then 6-month, then annual exams, are experiences every cancer patient has and talks about. What is LESS talked about is the guilt that many cancer survivors feel for “surviving” – when so many … Read more

One of the Hardest Things Parents Have To Do

Believe it or not – while the list of responsibilities, lessons, chores and joys of parenthood are too numerous to list, one of THE most important, and most difficult, tasks of parenthood is to maintain a healthy, vibrant relationship between the parents. Once the baby arrives, it becomes everyone’s priority and treasure. That “status” often … Read more

Chores – Are they a key to a child’s self-esteem?

In a word, ”YES,” but let’s look at the issue more carefully… 1. What are the actual benefits of Chores? Research shows that children who have chores experience higher self-esteem, are better able to deal with frustration and delayed gratification, are more responsible and usually perform better in school.  Some say that young adults’ success … Read more

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