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Parenting Techniques Require Communication and Compromise

There are so many issues that couples face as they begin the journey of life together.  Blending their individual styles, sleep and spending habits, house keeping priorities, how (and whether) to fold the laundry…the list goes on…

There is not a more critical issue that a couple faces than that of parenting a child.  Still, it is absolutely reasonable that each of the parents comes from their own family history; doing things “the way they were done when I was a kid – and look at me now…not so bad – right?”

Right! Why else would s/he have chosen you as a partner and a co-parent to their child?!?

Still – when it comes to parenting, each of us relies on what we experienced and what we know – and then the added zinger…”because my way is better than yours!”

Obviously not every issue becomes a conflict of “my way or the highway, but when it does…there’s some important work to do between the couple.  Remember these important points:

  • Differences of opinion about parenting issues MUST be discussed privately, away from the kids.

  • Both of you have the child’s best interest at heart, so don’t dismiss the other’s opinion/s, listen to each other’s ideas and clearly share your own.

  • Go over the pros and cons of each approach and agree to compromise with the one that seems best for this situation…there will be millions of situations and your approach will likely be best another time!

  • Support each other and present as a united front to your child.

  • Do not blame or say “I told you so!” if something fails or backfires.  You can always go to Plan B if you need to.

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