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Are We Over-Prescribing ADHD Medications to Children? (Audio)

This Tuesday, February 4th, BMC’s Clinical Director, Lori Edelson, and child psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey London from the BMC were guests on The Craig Fahle Show on 101.9FM WDET to discuss the current state of ADHD diagnoses and treatment.  In the interview, both mental health experts agree that comprehensive evaluation is necessary for both child and … Read more

Parents of AD/HD Students

Yes You Can! AD/HD Homework Challenges Transformed: Creative Ways to Achieve Focus and Attention by Building on AD/HD Traits Creative Approaches to help your AD/HD student with homework Make homework time tearless Use the symptoms of AD/HD to get the work done Jump the answers to Math Sing the answers to Spelling Many more ideas … Read more

Shrink Rap (AD/HD)

The Center for AD/HD Single-Session Educational Seminars Understanding AD/HD: An overview David Garvelink, MA, LLP Coping with AD/HD in Adulthood Paula Jorné, PhD, LPC AD/HD Homework Challenges Transformed Harriet Green, MS Parenting Your Aspberger’s Child Paula Jorné, PhD, LPC Navigating and Advocating the School System on Your Child’s Behalf Jim Kors, MA, EdS For adults … Read more

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