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Are We Over-Prescribing ADHD Medications to Children? (Audio)

This Tuesday, February 4th, BMC’s Clinical Director, Lori Edelson, and child psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey London from the BMC were guests on The Craig Fahle Show on 101.9FM WDET to discuss the current state of ADHD diagnoses and treatment.  In the interview, both mental health experts agree that comprehensive evaluation is necessary for both child and … Read more

New Theory Explores Whether or Not Parental Depression and Violence in the Home Contributes to ADHD in Kids

There are often many theories and research studies that attempt to explain the reasons for a particular “epidemic” diagnosis or condition.  Certainly when so many are affected, the medical community seeks answers for the etiology, as well as how to prevent or correct a condition from starting in the first place.  One of the latest … Read more

Many Kids Falling Through the Cracks According to US Mental Health Experts

Mental health experts from the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health recently reported that only a quarter of kids and teens who have psychological disorders or mental health issues receive treatment before or during high school, when the symptoms of many conditions begin to appear.  The commission, meeting with the Senate in response to … Read more

Childhood ADHD on the Rise in the US

Mental health experts at the journal JAMA Pediatrics, in a study conducted on patient medical data collected between 2001 and 2010, reported that the number of new cases of childhood Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder increased 24% over 9 years.  The results of the Southern California-based study, which looked at the electronic health records of almost … Read more

Younger Students More Likely to Be Prescribed ADHD Medication

A recent study from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York suggests that a child’s birth date may affect the rate at which they are prescribed medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  The study, led by Dr. Helga Zeoga, found that kids who were slightly younger than the rest of their peers … Read more

ADHD medicine affects the brain’s reward system

ScienceDaily (Nov. 9, 2012) — A group of scientists from the University of Copenhagen has created a model that shows how some types of ADHD medicine influence the brain’s reward system. The model makes it possible to understand the effect of the medicine and perhaps in the longer term to improve the development of medicine … Read more

Effective ADHD Treatment Requires Help of Parents, Teachers

According to recent research from the Mayo Clinic, developing an effective treatment plan for ADHD when the disorder is diagnosed can be easier when mental health providers have extensive input from teachers and parents of kids who are being diagnosed with ADHD for the first time.  In order to help develop the most effective treatment … Read more

Childhood Diagnosis Of ADHD Linked To More Psychological Problems Later In Life

Main Category: ADHDAlso Included In: Pediatrics / Children’s Health;  Psychology / Psychiatry;  Mental HealthArticle Date: 16 Aug 2012 – 0:00 PDT Current ratings for:Childhood Diagnosis Of ADHD Linked To More Psychological Problems Later In Life Girls with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are significantly more likely to attempt suicide or injure themselves as young adults than girls who … Read more

Recognizing the Signs of Adult ADHD

Over the years, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has been viewed as a disorder that mainly affects children; however, the latest research clearly indicates that adults are just as susceptible to ADHD symptoms.  Adult ADHD, (which includes ADHD that originally develops during childhood and carries into adulthood) is something that we frequently treat at our … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Launches Adult ADHD Treatment Programs

Birmingham Maple Clinic recently announced the launch of individual treatment plans for Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a developmental disorder of self-control, in the clinic’s Michigan treatment center for adult ADHD. The clinic utilizes a full range of treatment options for both child and adult ADHD, which are developed into individualized plans that suit … Read more

Parents of AD/HD Students

Yes You Can! AD/HD Homework Challenges Transformed: Creative Ways to Achieve Focus and Attention by Building on AD/HD Traits Creative Approaches to help your AD/HD student with homework Make homework time tearless Use the symptoms of AD/HD to get the work done Jump the answers to Math Sing the answers to Spelling Many more ideas … Read more

Shrink Rap (AD/HD)

The Center for AD/HD Single-Session Educational Seminars Understanding AD/HD: An overview David Garvelink, MA, LLP Coping with AD/HD in Adulthood Paula Jorné, PhD, LPC AD/HD Homework Challenges Transformed Harriet Green, MS Parenting Your Aspberger’s Child Paula Jorné, PhD, LPC Navigating and Advocating the School System on Your Child’s Behalf Jim Kors, MA, EdS For adults … Read more