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12 Tips for Talking About Money With Your Spouse or Partner

Talking about money with your spouse or partner isn’t easy, but these helpful bits of expert advice should help make the conversation a healthy and productive one. Maintaining a healthy marriage or long-term relationship takes a lot of work and communication. But if you and your spouse or partner aren’t talking to each about money,

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How to Be a Better Wife and Improve Your Marriage – BMC on UpJourney

How can you be a better wife and strengthen the foundations of your marriage? Carrie Krawiec, LMFT at the Birmingham Maple Clinic, stopped by UpJourney to offer some helpful tips for women to have stronger marriages. She offers tips such as “softening your startup”, which is initiating conversations with gentler tones and less negativity, and

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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions – BMC on WXYZ

Start off every year strong with resolutions, but find they fall off as the year wears on? Ronnie Hormel, MA, LPC, NCC at the Birmingham Maple Clinic recently stopped by WXYZ to explain what New Year’s Resolutions really are, and offer some tips on how people can keep their resolutions. He discusses seeing them as

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The Roots of Insecurity and Jealousy in Relationships

Insecurity and jealousy in relationships are all too common issues that affect modern relationship health.  Where do these feelings stem from?  Carrie Krawiec from the BMC was recently interviewed by Up Journey to discuss some of the deep psychological root causes that may directly or indirectly lead to insecurity and jealousy issues.  Here is an

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