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Shoplifting, Compulsive Spending, Hoarding and Employee Theft – Guest Lecturer, Terrence Shulman

Renowned expert, Terrence Shulman, LMSW, JD, was a guest lecturer at Birmingham Maple Clinic today, February 21, 2020, where he presented a 6-hour training seminar for BMC therapists about “Shoplifting, Compulsive Spending, Hoarding and Employee Theft.”   Mr. Shulman shared facts about each of the topics, including etiologic factors, psychological factors, genetic and familial factors and

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How Men Lose the Respect of Their Families – BMC on Fatherly

Fatherhood and the respect of their families is a conversation that has been changing recently in the face of new research and social dynamics.  Carrie Krawiec, a family therapist at the BMC, was recently interviewed to discuss the topic of how fathers commonly lose the respect of their families, through obvious reasons (such as infidelity,

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7 Anxiety Management Techniques To Help Calm Your Mind & Body – BMC on Romper

  Anxiety disorders are becoming increasingly common in a technology-driven, fast-paced world, and not everyone adopts healthy coping habits to deal with it.  Carrie Krawiec, marriage and family therapist at the Birmingham Maple Clinic, recently stopped by Romper.com to discuss healthy thought practices and habits to combat anxiety, rather than harmful behaviors like self-medicating and

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Financial infidelity more common than you think

Relationship infidelity isn’t limited to only physical or emotional infidelity.  Researchers are finding an increasing form of infidelity includes breaking family budgets, accruing massive hidden debt, and making huge purchases without prior discussion or approval from the other partner.  In fact, financial website, The Ascent, found that in a survey, over 71% of respondents reported

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Brainspotting Seminar – June 7-9 at the BMC

Dr. Calder Kaufman, Clinical Psychologist, of Birmingham Maple Clinic will be conducting a Phase 1 Brainspotting training assisting alongside Dr. Martha Jacobi from New York City. This training will be held in Ferndale, MI from June 7-9, 2019. Dr. Kaufman is an Advanced BSP Consultant and author of a chapter in The Power of Brainspotting,

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