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Extraordinary Times 32: Re-opening May Create More Anxiety Than Quarantine

While we complained and panicked at the thought and reality of lockdown, we found we felt safe in our protected, controlled “bubble.”  As we re-enter, many are experiencing more anxiety than ever before. You are not alone! Many are experiencing more fear, worry, mistrust, anxiety and panic as we are able to gradually move around in the world.

  • These fears are real and sensible, since we have no ability to control how others behave in public.  
  • We have different opinions about re-entry from others in our family, which may cause increased familial conflict.  
  • Kids may overhear and sense their parents’ anxiety about re-entry and may become more symptomatic themselves.

Families need to compromise and address re-entry issues collaboratively in a way that attempts to meet each person’s needs without putting anyone into a totally uncomfortable position.  If you are unable to find a way to reduce anxiety to re-enter the world, you may want to consult a professional mental health care provider.

We are stronger when we move ahead together; on the same page, rather than in conflict and further upsetting the others around you.