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Financial infidelity more common than you think

Relationship infidelity isn’t limited to only physical or emotional infidelity.  Researchers are finding an increasing form of infidelity includes breaking family budgets, accruing massive hidden debt, and making huge purchases without prior discussion or approval from the other partner.  In fact, financial website, The Ascent, found that in a survey, over 71% of respondents reported … Read more

The Roots of Insecurity and Jealousy in Relationships

Insecurity and jealousy in relationships are all too common issues that affect modern relationship health.  Where do these feelings stem from?  Carrie Krawiec from the BMC was recently interviewed by Up Journey to discuss some of the deep psychological root causes that may directly or indirectly lead to insecurity and jealousy issues.  Here is an … Read more

How to Talk Politics With Those You Love – Without Tearing Your Hair or Their Eyes Out

From Lois M. Collins of DesertNews.com: Nine out of 10 Americans believe the 2016 presidential election is the most “polarizing” and “volatile” ever, according to research that says you’re not imagining it if you think you’re seeing fewer campaign signs, bumper stickers and people willing to ‘fess up about where they’ve thrown their support. “We’ve … Read more

BMC Therapist Carrie Krawiec Talks Dating on MyTV20

Birmingham Maple Clinic therapist Carrie Krawiec appeared with Erin Nicole of WXYZ 7 Action News on MyTV20 this morning to discuss dating in the modern age. Carrie identified the following tactics when navigating dating in this tech-filled time: Create realistic expectations Know the difference between a value, a preference and reality. Practice active listening or … Read more

BMC Welcomes Jane White For a Presentation on Human Trafficking

Birmingham Maple Clinic welcomed Jane White, director and founder of Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force to the clinic for a seminar for therapists on February 12, 2016.  The Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force is a non-profit organization originally founded through the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. It is comprised of 90 Michigan … Read more

Eliminate Past Resentment to Enjoy the Present

The following is excerpted from a presentation, “Eliminating Resentment… Solidifying Recovery,” given as part of The Meadows’ Michigan Lecture Series on November 10, 2010, by Dan O’Neil, MALLP.   RESENTMENT The word “resentment” has two parts: “re,” which means “again,” and “sentment,” which is “to feel.” So resentment is to feel again, or a feeling … Read more

Dr. Tianna Rooney Discusses Her New Book at BMC

Birmingham Maple Clinic hosted author Tianna Rooney, PhD, LMFT to the clinic for a lecture on increasing intimacy between couples. The title of the lecture “Foreplay: Using Gestures of Intention & Playfulness to Increase Intimacy” is based on Dr. Rooney’s book 14 Days of Foreplay. Therapists learned techniques to help couples increase emotional and physical … Read more

Fallout After Affair: Can Your Relationship Be Saved?

Earlier this week hackers exposed millions of emails of subscribers to the site Ashley Madison. The online dating site, whose tag line is “Life’s Short. Have an Affair,” connects people looking to cheat on their spouses. The hackers revealed emails belonging to U.S. government officials, UK civil servants, high-level executives at European and American corporations, and … Read more

Celebrity Couples Prove Everyone Can Benefit From Therapy

Whether you live your life in spotlight or in anonymity, chances are your relationships could benefit from professional help. In this article from Good Housekeeping magazine, celebrity couple Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell discuss why their marriage works. If your marriage or intimate relationship could use some strengthening, then you may find value in seeing … Read more