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Financial infidelity more common than you think

Relationship infidelity isn’t limited to only physical or emotional infidelity.  Researchers are finding an increasing form of infidelity includes breaking family budgets, accruing massive hidden debt, and making huge purchases without prior discussion or approval from the other partner.  In fact, financial website, The Ascent, found that in a survey, over 71% of respondents reported financial infidelity at some point in their lives.

Carrie Krawiec, family therapist at the BMC, had this to say:

It involves one person making a secret, unilateral decision about money without the other person’s consent or awareness

And that to fix financial infidelity issues, one must

take responsibility for behaviour and take all steps to make sure it doesn’t repeat itself.

Financial infidelity can cause just as much trauma and trust issues as any other relationship issue, and threaten to undermine the relationship itself if not dealt with.  Read the full article here.

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