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Social Media Depression: Do you have the Facebook Blues?

The Problem Does seeing how many friends, likes and comments a friend has on their social media sites get you down? Surfing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and seeing your friends’ engagements, babies, trips, losses, jobs, via pictures and status updates can cause an overwhelming swirl of emotions. Often people report experiencing sadness looking at the … Read more

Depression Associated with Vague Abstract Goals

A research study from the UK suggests that those who are depressed have different goal setting behavior than those who do not have depression. Scientists from the University of Liverpool found that generalized goals were more likely to be set by those diagnosed with clinical depression. These goals were vague and difficult to achieve, where … Read more

Parent-Teen Communication

As a marriage and family therapist my services are elicited to help couples and families improve communication. Although relationship dynamics between romantic partners and parents and their children differ dramatically, I am often struck by similarities when it comes to the breakdown of healthy communication. In marital relationships divorce is a common consequence of this … Read more

Healing our “Connective Tissue”

Originally Printed on April 22, 2011 at www.addictionrecoveryreality.com Yogis have long known the healing power of turning into oneself and deeply stretching one’s muscles and ligaments — while also stretching one’s mental focus, tuning out the static and noise of the world outside. This practice, thousands of years old, has far-reaching physical, mental, and spiritual … Read more

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