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Top 5 Reasons Why Now is A Great Time to Start Therapy

These times can weigh heavily on a person’s mental health. And even though we can’t physically go to many places, it is currently easier than ever to get mental health treatment through various telehealth methods. Here are some reasons why now is the perfect time to start therapy.

  1. You could be fully covered by insurance:  Blue Cross recently announced that they will be waving copays for behavioral health until June 30, 2020.  This a great value for mental health patients, and Birmingham Maple Clinic can verify whether or not your Blue Cross plan is included in this program.
  2. You have the time – with most of the population in lockdown at home and not working, this is the perfect time to give some extra attention to your mental health.
  3. Stress, coping, and mental health is on everyone’s mind – having good methods and techniques for managing anxiety and stress is particularly crucial during these times, even for people who typically feel they don’t need mental health help.
  4. This is traumatic/uncertain time which may evoke emotions from other times in your life that were traumatizing or stressful even if they had nothing to do with an international pandemic.
  5. More therapists than ever are offering telehealth services – get help in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Many clinics, especially the Birmingham Maple Clinic, is fully geared to help you remotely.

Take advantage of a strange and uncertain time and focus on yourself.  If you or a loved one would like a mental health consultation, please contact the Birmingham Maple Clinic here.

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