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Daniel P. O’Neil, MA, LLP

Daniel P. O'Neil, MA, LLP Birmingham Maple Clinic
Daniel P. O’Neil, MA, LLP

Dan O’Neil is a Masters prepared psychologist, licensed in Michigan since 1979, who works with adolescents and adults.

His great passion is helping people to heal trauma and to live their life as fully as possible. Dan works with people in addiction recovery, people who have experienced abuse, people who have encountered overwhelming life events and people troubled with anxiety and depression.

Dan knows that each person benefits from a therapeutic approach that meets their particular needs. He offers EMDR therapy (EMDRIA certified therapist), Internal Family Systems therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT, tapping) and other  Comprehensive Energy Psychology techniques and Cognitive-Behavioral therapy.

Dan is a clinical member of: The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA), The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), EMDR International Association (EMDRIA), EMDR-HAP Trauma Recovery Network and Eden Energy Medicine. Dan is the leader of the Troy, Michigan Chapter of Project Semicolon (focusing on suicide prevention and other mental health needs).

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Sex Addiction Workshop at the BMCDan O’Neil of Birmingham Maple Clinic provided a workshop for BMC staff on sex addiction. The workshop covered the different models of addiction while also exploring the neuro-biological stages of addiction. Approximately 3-6% of Americans suffer from sex addiction. Mr. O’Neil also discussed the importance of “the 3 circles” and provided staff with a better ... Read more
How A Human Trafficker Employs Tactics on Their Target – BMC on Michigan Mom LivingDaniel P. O’Neil, MA, LLP at the Birmingham Maple Clinic, was recently featured on Michigan Mom Living to discuss the nefarious tactics of human traffickers and how they trap targets.  He explains the systems that human traffickers use to lure vulnerable teens, signs of human trafficker influence, as well as treatment methods for such complex ... Read more
How to Handle Parents Who Behave Poorly at Kids’ Sporting Events – BMC on Michigan Mom LivingDaniel P. O’Neil, MA, LLP at the Birmingham Maple Clinic, was recently featured on Michigan Mom Living to explain tactics for dealing with bad behavior from kids sporting events…not from the kids, but from the parents. Daniel describes the increase in competitiveness and elite, “winning is everything” attitudes that are taking over kids’ recreational sports, ... Read more
Sex Addiction Couples Group at Birmingham Maple ClinicDan O’Neil, MA, LLP,  Facilitator Couples group has been meeting weekly for the past few months. We combine addiction- education, 12 step (RCA) and cognitive-behavioral principles to keep the format interesting and productive. Couples are learning that the interaction between addict and co-addict is unhealthy in addiction and can become fulfilling in recovery.  The couples ... Read more
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