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Substance Use Disorders and ADHD – BMC at the ACONP

Birmingham Maple Clinic child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr. Brooke Weingarden, DO, MPH, will be speaking at Crystal Mountain at the ACONP (American College of Osteopathic Neurologists and Psychiatrist) conference this weekend. She will be speaking about ADHD, new updates in treatment as well as misuse of stimulants and the relationship between substance use disorders and people diagnosed with ADHD.

Dr. Weingarden will present case studies, education about ADHD across the lifetime, the likelihood of substance abuse risk, and common pressures teens and young adults with ADHD prescribed stimulants face to sell or give away their prescription medication, called diversion. Dr. Weingarden will instruct attendees on how to assess for substance use disorders and how to educate patients and their parents about diversion and safety when it comes to medication.

To learn more about American College of Osteopathic Neurologists and Psychiatrists 2017 Annual Meeting and Scientific Seminar you can visit http://www.acn-aconp.org/CME/Summer/.
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