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Extraordinary Times 39: Will Divorce Rates Go Up or Down After Coronavirus?

Many are predicting that divorce rates will skyrocket once we are no longer mitigating with social distance, but might this be a major miscalculation?  During the pandemic we don’t have much choice about where we live or whether we prefer living elsewhere.  This may just force couples to “work it out.”

When it is easier to leave, many do.  Now we may just be forced to do the hard work of communicating, compromising, figuring out a way to meet the others needs while meeting our own, and basically finding ways to coexist and keep it going.  

It will be interesting to see what happens when the stay-at-home mandate is lifted and whether couples separate or stay together in statistically different numbers than pre-coronavirus numbers.  It would certainly be a testament to our internal strength and commitments if we learned how to “work it out” versus choosing to divorce.

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