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Carrie Krawiec, LMFT

Carrie Krawiec, LMFT
Carrie Krawiec, LMFT

Individual, couple, family therapy with children, adolescents and adults. Areas of specialization include family conflicts between parents and teens, marriage counseling, co-parenting following divorce, step-parenting, peer relationships, emotional regulation, anxiety, depression, self-mutilation/cutting and self-esteem. Specific training in Parent Management Training-Oregon (PMT-O Specialist); a behavior management technique for parents to utilize with children to prevent and reduce behavior issues in school age children. Integrated problem-centered approach.

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Extraordinary Times 31: Isolation as an OpportunityIsolation is most-often associated with depression and suicidality.  Let’s try to re-frame isolation to see how it may be an opportunity for growth. Try something new Learn to be patient with yourself Give yourself extra room to dream and prioritize Isolation as an opportunity for growth, reflection, development Reframe as peaceful time  
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