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How Men Lose the Respect of Their Families – BMC on Fatherly

Fatherhood and the respect of their families is a conversation that has been changing recently in the face of new research and social dynamics.  Carrie Krawiec, a family therapist at the BMC, was recently interviewed to discuss the topic of how fathers commonly lose the respect of their families, through obvious reasons (such as infidelity, abuse, or addiction), as well as more subtle ones.  She notes that:

“Often, it can be boiled down to a lack of awareness of their own boundaries or limits or a lack of awareness for the boundaries and requests of others”

She then goes on to discuss some tactics to cultivate a culture of equal respect in families, such as respecting your partner and learning how to appropriately share and discuss difficult topics with kids.  Click the link below to read more:

How Men Lose the Respect of Their Wives, Kids, and Families — And How They Can Win It Back on Fatherly

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