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Why Parents Need to Lighten up and Laugh More – BMC on Parentmap.com

Carrie Krawiec, licensed LMFT at Birmingham Maple Clinic, was recently featured on ParentMap.com to discuss why having the ability to laugh at yourself and levity is a key component in parental mental health, as the modern stresses of being a parent are numerous and unique.

Carrie explains:

“There is a high degree of expectation for parents nowadays. Historically, parents were expected to help their kids to survive from early childhood to adulthood with basic needs like food, shelter and some survival skills. Now, parents are expected to help their kids survive a myriad of real and perceived threats such as infection, genetic disease, vaccines, SIDS, bullying, predators, college admittance and the list goes on. Also, there is plenty of competing advice on what to do and what not to do.”

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Why All Parents Need to Lighten up and Laugh More