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Dan O’Neil, MA, LLP, Presents Inservice Seminar on Ethics

Dan described ‘Ethics’ as “what should be done;” what is right and what makes the best common sense. He divided ‘Ethics’ into four important categories: 1. Clinical, 2. Risk Management, 3. Legal, and 4. Ethical: professional and personal.

Dan described the importance of understanding, respecting and maintaining professional boundaries in the therapeutic relationship with clients. He also discussed the concepts of “Transference” and “Countertransference” in the therapeutic relationship and while the issues may surface subtly, it is extremely important for the therapist to be aware of the meaning and importance of these issues throughout the course of the patient’s treatment.

The presentation included a review of Richard Schwartz’s “8 C’s of Self Leadership” to highlight the important characteristics therapist’s bring to the therapeutic relationship:
1. Calmness
2. Curiosity (about client and self)
3. Compassion (how can we get you to a better place)
4. Confidence
5. Courage (to act and be accountable)
6. Clarity
7. Connectedness
8. Creativity

Therapists at Birmingham Maple Clinic participate in monthly training seminars to continue their education and to advance their clinical and professional skills. Ethics is one of the most critical aspects of professional practice and it is a topic that is often discussed among the clinical staff at training seminars and in peer supervision groups.

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