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Join Us For A National Night Of Conversation About Substance Abuse

ON NOVEMBER 19, 2015, WE ARE CALLING ON EVERYONE ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO HAVE DINNER WITH THE PEOPLE THEY CARE ABOUT AND TO BREAK THE SILENCE ON DRUGS AND ADDICTION BY DISCUSSING IT. Dependence on alcohol and drugs is a serious national public health problem. The federal government is taking steps to address the problem … Read more

Brainspotting Offers an Alternative Treatment Approach

On Friday, December 6, 2013, Calder Kaufman, PsyD, LLP, clinical therapist on staff at Birmingham Maple Clinic, presented a fascinating workshop for his colleagues about Brainspotting. This treatment method, originated by David Grand, PhD, aims to treat trauma and anxiety in a powerful, direct way, often reducing the time it takes to heal in traditional … Read more

Effective ADHD Treatment Requires Help of Parents, Teachers

According to recent research from the Mayo Clinic, developing an effective treatment plan for ADHD when the disorder is diagnosed can be easier when mental health providers have extensive input from teachers and parents of kids who are being diagnosed with ADHD for the first time.  In order to help develop the most effective treatment … Read more

Schizophrenia and Young Men: The Mental Component behind the Colorado Shootings

There are still many questions regarding the tragedy that occurred at the Aurora, Colorado movie theater last month where 12 people were killed and even more were injured in the shootings carried out by 24 year old former medical student, James Holmes.  One of the biggest questions is why was Holmes seeing a campus psychologist … Read more

The University of Michigan Fragile X Assessment and Treatment Clinic

FRAGILE X ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT CLINIC OPENS AT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN On Saturday, June 23rd, 2012, the University of Michigan Fragile X Assessment and Treatment Clinic celebrated it’s opening.  Families of Fragile X patients and Fragile X  Friendly Professionals were invited to attend. The University of Michigan clinic is part of the National Fragile X … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Announces Opening of Fragile X Assessment and Treatment Clinic at the University Of Michigan

The University of Michigan Fragile X Assessment and Treatment Clinic celebrated its opening on June 23rd, the Birmingham Maple Clinic recently announced. The University of Michigan Clinic is part of the National Fragile X Clinical & Research Consortium. Currently there are approximately 25 FXCRC clinics throughout the United States. Families of Fragile X patients and Fragile X Friendly Professionals … Read more