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Birmingham Mental Health Clinic Reports on Affect of High Fat Foods on the Brain

Mental health treatment experts at the Birmingham Maple Clinic recently reported that research published by the University of Montreal Hospital may add support to the theory that the vicious cycle of overeating due to being depressed, sad or anxious is based on how food affects an individual’s brain and hormones within the body. Lori Edelson, clinic spokesperson and … Read more

Toronto Researcher Reports a Walk in the Park Can Help Those with Clinical Depression

A study led by Marc Berman, post-doctoral fellow at Baycrest’s Rotman Research Institute in Toronto, has found compelling evidence that nature walks may have a positive impact on the cognition and mood of those who are clinically depressed. The study is one of the first of its kind to look at the effect of nature … Read more

SAMHSA Reports Mental Illness Often Tied to Secondary Health Conditions

According to the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), adults who reported any type of mental illness in the last year were more likely to also suffer from asthma, heart disease and stroke.  The results of a recent study, which looked at the number of adults who had been diagnosed with both … Read more

UCLA Research Team Reports Hyperactivity in the Brain May Cause Depression Symptoms

A recent story published by ScienceDaily reported that hyperactivity in multiple parts of the brain could be the explanation behind multiple symptoms of depression.  The article, based on research by UCLA, reported that although previous research on depression has looked for an individual part of the brain that is affected by the condition, there is … Read more

SAMHSA Reports that 7.5 Million Children Live with a Parent Who Abuses Alcohol

A new report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has shown that 7.5 million children live with a parent with an alcohol disorder – which translates to 10.5% of the population for that age group.  The study confirms that parental alcoholism is much more than a public health problem; it has … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Reports That Overuse of Social Media May Contribute to Anxiety

The Birmingham Maple Clinic, providers of professional mental health services in Michigan, recently reported on an article by Kathryn Gregory of the West Virginia Gazette that suggests there is a link for many between social media and the fear of “missing out”. As reported by the mental health treatment clinic in Michigan, Gregory’s article discusses … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Reports on Studies Linking Oxytocin, Reduced Social Anxiety

Birmingham Maple Clinic, providers of professional mental health services in Michigan for over 30 years, recently reported on the results of a study linking Oxytocin use with reduced social anxiety.  According to the Clinic’s blog, psychcentral.com recently published findings on a new study carried out by Concordia University which found that Oxytocin (a naturally occurring … Read more