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Marriage Conflicts and Managing Finances

Research indicates that opposite attracts when it comes to spending styles. That is spendthrifts, those who report spending more money than they would like, tend to marry tightwads, those who spend less. This study, reported by The Family Institute at Northwestern University, illustrates that what may be appeal of opposites during the dating phase can … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Offers Help for Managing the Holiday Blues

Birmingham Maple Clinic, providers of mental health services in Michigan for over 30 years, recently announced help for those dealing with seasonal depression. The clinic, which specializes in treatment for depression, eating disorders, ADHD and other serious mental health issues, recently reported that depression can develop or even worsen during the stress of the holidays, … Read more

When the Holidays Get Your Down: Managing the Holiday Blues

The holidays are traditionally a time for gathering with friends and family and enjoying the festivities of the season, however, those who are suffering from depression or who are prone to it may find themselves dealing with a case of the holiday blues this year. Seasonal depression affects millions of American every year.  The stress … Read more