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Adjusting to relationships after a year of quarantine conditions takes work

So much has changed for all of us over the past year and a half. We withdrew from workplaces and schools, we ceased socializing and traveling and for six seasons learned to mistrust the very air we breathed, in order to quarantine at home.

Although fewer than 50 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, many of us have begun emerging from our cocoons with new sensibilities, priorities, values and hopefulness. We are recognizing that our lives are different, and we are rethinking and reprioritizing our relationships.

In our new world, we are assessing what was once valuable that we no longer value, just as we recognize what has clearly been most important to our survival. The decisions and choices are vast: whether to go back into the office or continue to work from home, planning to send our kids to school but not sure whether they will be safe, wondering whether those around us are vaccinated, and whether to wear a mask when we go into stores, shopping malls or restaurants. What we may not be speaking about as openly or publicly, but nevertheless something that has become significantly important for many, is whether some of our relationships are still good for us.

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