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Why You Should Marie Kondo Before Your Next Netflix and Chill Night

The new Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” has most of the internet debating over whether or not Marie Kondo wants Americans to throw out all of their possessions or if her show is making some kind of covert feminist statement. I, however, have a different question. What if all Marie really wants is for us to have more sex?

While binge watching the series, I noticed that as each episode progressed, the couples started getting real cuddly on the couch together. They implied that tidying up their homes had improved their lives in more ways than one. Wink, wink. And science confirms that couples who clean together spend more time getting, well, dirty together.

But what about if you’re single? According to these clean-home experts, you’ll definitely want to clean house before your next Netflix and chill night.

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