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Depression Screening Day on Fox 2 News Detroit w/ BMC’s Carrie Krawiec

As a part of National Depression Screening Day, Carrie Krawiec, therapist at Birmingham Maple Clinic appeared as an expert on Fox 2 News Detroit on October 10, 2013.

Carrie was interviewed by Fox 2 News reporter, Anqunette Jamison on the topic of teen depression. National Depression Screening Day raises community awareness, screens people for depression and mood disorders and provides referrals for treatment. Carrie gave pointers to parents on how to identify their teen is depressed or suicidal and what they should do.

photo 1
Carrie mid-talk with Anqunette

Carrie advised that if parents are concerned their child is depressed or suicidal they should consider asking their child directly. Carrie instructed TV viewers by modeling specific questions to ask.  If your child indicates she is suicidal it is important to assess if she has the plans, means or intent to act out these plans. If you are uncomfortable asking these questions or concerned your child would not answer honestly you may value from speaking to a therapist to conduct a thorough assessment. In the event that your child is suicidal you should take him to an emergency room for a psychiatric evaluation and referral to an inpatient facility or day treatment program.

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Thanks to Fox 2 for spreading awareness about depression screening!

To have your child evaluated for depression or another mental health disorder you can schedule an appointment at (248)646-6659 or visiting www.birminghammaple.com. In the event that your child refuses to attend therapy, you may value from scheduling an appointment to seek support, education, and advice on how to best manage your child’s psychological needs.

Can’t see Anqunette Jamison’s interview of Carrie Krawiec? Go here: http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/video?clipId=9399157&autostart=true