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Mental Health Concerns for Seniors; Individual, Couple, and Family Issues.

On Thursday, Lori Edelson, LMSW, LMFT, taught a single-session course for SOAR (Society of Active Retirees) about “Mental Health Concerns for  Seniors; Individual, Couple, and Family Issues.” Lori cited US Census Bureau information indicating that in 2030, all baby boomers will be older than 65.  One in every five US residents will be a senior … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Talks Depression on the Bloomfield Township Bottom Line

Handling Depression from Bloomfield Township on Vimeo. BMC’s Carrie Krawiec was recently featured on the Bloomfield Township Bottom Line, a local television show that raises awareness for issues that the community faces as a whole. Carrie was asked to talk about depression, and how to recognize it within friends and family. Carrie and host Cindy … Read more

Social Media Depression: Birmingham Maple Clinic’s Carrie Krawiec on the Dr. Nandi Show!

Birmingham Maple Clinic therapist, Carrie Krawiec, LMFT, spoke on the “Ask Dr. Nandi” set on September 29, 2013. Dr. Nandi, a Detroit-area gastroenterologist, author, speaker, educator and patient advocate, hosts a daily T.V. show which emphasizes his values of empathy and treatment of the “whole patient” — mind and body. In line with Dr. Nandi’s … Read more

Ethics Seminar at Birmingham Maple Clinic

Birmingham Maple Clinic hosts Professors from Wayne State University For 5-Hour Seminar on “Ethics; A Slippery Slope” On Friday, June 28, 2013, Professors Anwar Najor-Durack and Dennis Muzzi presented a workshop at Birmingham Maple Clinic for the clinical staff to discuss ethical issues in clinical mental health practice.  While it is required for Clinical Social … Read more

Denim Day at Birmingham Maple Clinic

County Executive L. Brooks Patterson declared April 26, 2013 Denim Day in Oakland County, to raise awareness of victims of sexual violence and domestic assault. Denim Day is a symbolic gesture in response to a landmark case in an Italian court in which the judges over turned a rape conviction because they believed that ‘because … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Introduces Educational Group for Parents with Jerome Price

How many times have parents been told “It’s my life!” by a teen that seems to be out of control. Teens are very vulnerable to believing that they can handle everything and do not need the support or imposition of adults. They are struggling to take control of their lives while at the same time … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Welcomed Jerome Price

Birmingham Maple Clinic welcomed Jerome Price, LMSW, LMFT to the clinic for a two-part in-service training on brief strategic family therapy. Jerome is the founder and co-director of Michigan Family Institute, author and internationally known speaker. Jerome taught therapists from Birmingham Maple Clinic the theoretical tenants underlying the model of strategic family therapy as well … Read more

Collaborative Divorce Attorney Lori Becker Visits Birmingham Maple Clinic

Collaborative Divorce attorney, Lori Becker, JD, MBA, visited Birmingham Maple Clinic on August 29, 2012. In her practice Lori recognizes the sensitive emotional issues associated with divorce. Divorce is a prolonged trauma that can cause stress, depression, sleeplessness, anxiety, panic, grief and loss. She evidenced studies that rate divorce as the second most life changing … Read more

Feinberg Consulting Staff Visits Birmingham Maple Clinic

Wednesday August 22, 2012 Birmingham Maple Clinic welcomed Feinberg Consulting staff, Diane Sasson, Jessalyn Seramur and John Cotcher to the clinic. Diane, John and Jessalyn informed Birmingham Maple Clinic staff about Feinberg’s mission to advocate for the needs of elderly, disabled, and individuals dealing with significant medical and/or psychological illness by providing personalized care. Feinberg … Read more

Combination Treatment for Anxiety Disorders Shows Promise

The Anxiety Disorder Clinic at the University of Houston recently reported that treatment for anxiety disorders which combines Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with a “transdiagnostic” approach (one that lets psychologists apply one set of principles across many anxiety disorders in order to devise an effective treatment plan), was more effective than those that combine CBT with … Read more

YogaMedics Visits Birmingham Maple Clinic

June 27, 2012. Birmingham Maple Clinic welcomed Sarah Fink, founder and president of YogaMedics (www.yogamedics.com), and her colleague, YogaMedics therapist and Director of Program Development, Kacee Must to present to clinic therapists. The two shared the philosophy of YogaMedics, a local business that develops and provides medically based yoga treatment plans for specific medical conditions … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Announces Opening of Fragile X Assessment and Treatment Clinic at the University Of Michigan

The University of Michigan Fragile X Assessment and Treatment Clinic celebrated its opening on June 23rd, the Birmingham Maple Clinic recently announced. The University of Michigan Clinic is part of the National Fragile X Clinical & Research Consortium. Currently there are approximately 25 FXCRC clinics throughout the United States. Families of Fragile X patients and Fragile X Friendly Professionals … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Reports That Overuse of Social Media May Contribute to Anxiety

The Birmingham Maple Clinic, providers of professional mental health services in Michigan, recently reported on an article by Kathryn Gregory of the West Virginia Gazette that suggests there is a link for many between social media and the fear of “missing out”. As reported by the mental health treatment clinic in Michigan, Gregory’s article discusses … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Reports on Studies Linking Oxytocin, Reduced Social Anxiety

Birmingham Maple Clinic, providers of professional mental health services in Michigan for over 30 years, recently reported on the results of a study linking Oxytocin use with reduced social anxiety.  According to the Clinic’s blog, psychcentral.com recently published findings on a new study carried out by Concordia University which found that Oxytocin (a naturally occurring … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Offers Help for Managing the Holiday Blues

Birmingham Maple Clinic, providers of mental health services in Michigan for over 30 years, recently announced help for those dealing with seasonal depression. The clinic, which specializes in treatment for depression, eating disorders, ADHD and other serious mental health issues, recently reported that depression can develop or even worsen during the stress of the holidays, … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic Launches Adult ADHD Treatment Programs

Birmingham Maple Clinic recently announced the launch of individual treatment plans for Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a developmental disorder of self-control, in the clinic’s Michigan treatment center for adult ADHD. The clinic utilizes a full range of treatment options for both child and adult ADHD, which are developed into individualized plans that suit … Read more

Birmingham Maple Clinic and the Ruth Ellis Center Team Up to Help Troubled Youth

On October 7, 2011 several therapists from Birmingham Maple Clinic, along with the clinic’s owner and director, Lori Edelson, visited Ruth Ellis Center of Highland Park, MI. Ruth Ellis Center is a youth social services agency that provides a safe place for runaway, at risk, and homeless youth. The mission of the center is “To … Read more

Sex Addiction Couples Group at Birmingham Maple Clinic

Dan O’Neil, MA, LLP,  Facilitator Couples group has been meeting weekly for the past few months. We combine addiction- education, 12 step (RCA) and cognitive-behavioral principles to keep the format interesting and productive. Couples are learning that the interaction between addict and co-addict is unhealthy in addiction and can become fulfilling in recovery.  The couples … Read more