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Anissa Howard, LLMSW

Anissa Howard, LLMSW
Therapist Overview

My approach includes the Person Centered Trauma Informed (PCTI) approach grounded in an existential framework that explores personal suffering within the “landscape”of life dynamics; a psychotherapeutic educational approach to anxiety and depression that includes sociocultural and generational trauma as potential factors.  It is a strength-based approach used to increase awareness of self in the context of the world, and increased use of self-care techniques and the universal search for relief from daily ongoing suffering.

Honors graduate of Grand Valley State University’s Graduate School of Social Work. Prior degree work in Psychology and World Religion in Speech/Communication Disorders. Five+ years experience as a community breastfeeding coach and counselor.  Eleven years experience as a classroom teacher of 7-9 year olds, recent international study in the Republic of Ireland, SAGCHIP Indian Tribe of mid-Michigan.  Social work intensive study of indigenous and genocide survival in El Salvador and Guatemala. Currently training with Dr. Gabor Mate’s ‘Compassionate Inquiry (CI) psychotherapeutic approach.’  Student (25 years) of HH the 14th Dalai Lama in Tibetan psychological approach to mind/body health and psychological wellness. Experience working individually with Holocaust survivors and their families in the metro Detroit Area. 

My approach includes a Humanistic, strength-based approach to personal empowerment, resilience-building and fostering the actualization or restoration of the authentic self after trauma. 

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