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Mend mental health care – The Detroit News

Each time it was inferred that Adam Lanza suffered from Asperger’s syndrome, or that Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes and Gabby Gifford’s shooter Jared Loughner were schizophrenic, mental health providers winced. Not only does blaming mental illness for rampage shootings perpetuate the false notion that mental illness predisposes one to violence, it opens the door … Read more

Deinstitutionalizing Michigan’s mentally ill has been an underfunded disaster – Detroit Free Press

After closing three-quarters of Michigan’s 16 state psychiatric hospitals by 2003, the state put the task of caring for the mentally ill firmly — and appropriately — on the backs of Community Mental Health agencies. With hospital stays costing more than $800 a day, treating mental illness in the community is less expensive, more humane … Read more

Shootings expose cracks in US mental health system – WGCL Atlanta

By CARLA K. JOHNSON and PATRICK CONDONAssociated Press MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Andrew Engeldinger’s parents pushed him for two years to seek treatment for what they suspected was mental illness, but even though he became increasingly paranoid and experienced delusions, there was nothing more they could do. Minnesota law doesn’t allow people to be forced into … Read more

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee’s alleged mistress: Suicide is not an option – Examiner.com

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee was suspended on Tuesday following allegations of an affair with Detroit Police Officer Angelica Robinson. Read allegations regarding Detroit Police Chief sex scandal Sadly, Officer Angelica Robinson posted a picture of herself with a gun in her mouth. The picture is disturbing and indicates she could be suicidal. No matter … Read more

Mental health public policy: Common Sense vs Science – PsychCentral.com (blog)

I’ve got a bad feeling about Senate Bill 3562 introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on September 19. Like me, you may have missed the birth S 3526, which was introduced to “reauthorize and improve the Older Americans Act of 1965, and for other purposes.” I have been slightly preoccupied with the Detroit Tigers and … Read more

Study finds missing link between mental health disorders and chronic diseases … – Medical Xpress

Wayne State University School of Medicine researchers may have discovered why people exposed to war are at increased risk to develop chronic problems like heart disease years later. And the culprit that links the two is surprising. Beginning in the mid-2000s, WSU researchers interviewed a random sample of 145 American immigrants who left Iraq before … Read more

Motivating Forces (Video)

What drives you? Psychologist, economists, social scientists of all varieties have been interested in that question for quite some time now. In the past work motivation was thought to positively correlate with financial incentive. In other words, the more money you offer an employee the more motivated to perform their daily tasks they’ll become. Right? … Read more

Freud, Culture, and Neuropsychology

The ridiculously interesting, totally awesome blog, “Mindhacks” uncovered a hidden gem of an article written about four years ago on Freud.  The piece is written by Paul Brooks, a trained experimental psychologist and journalist for The Guardian.  Here’s a snippet of the article: “One Sunday morning, when he was four years old, my son climbed into bed … Read more

And the drug of the year award goes to…

Please, excuse me as I open the envelope.  (tearing, crinkling noises)  Xanax!  The virtuoso of the anxiety medication front drew an astonishing 44,029,000 prescriptions over the course of the 2009 calendar year.  In a not so distant second place came Lexapro with 27, 698,000 prescriptions.  Ativan (25, 868,000), Zoloft (19,500,000), Prozac (19,500,000) filled out the remainder of … Read more

Finding Intelligence

When does intelligence begin?  How does it function and what is it?  Intelligence being such a broad topic, you’d think that  a definitive answer would lie somewhere in the back annals of a crusty psychology book in an equally crusty university library.  But as with most things concerning the human condition it isn’t that easy. … Read more

The Art of Learning

WaitzkinOn occasion I’ll read a book that burrows itself so deeply in my head that I start to change my behavior based on its writing.  The Art of Learning, by Josh Waitzkin is one of those books.  As a child, Josh was a prodigy in the chess world.  At a young age, he learned how to play chess in New York with some pretty tough characters sitting at park benches.  He quickly started to beat EVERYONE at the park and gained the attention of some respectable coaches.  From there he started entering tournaments at various levels including national and international.  The competition was blown away. 

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Gentlemen Start Your Engines!

bmwLadies, remember that attractive guy driving the new luxury car while you were driving home from work? Maybe the car was a silver Mercedes or a black BMW. What if that some attractive man was driving something more along the lines of a pre-owned Ford Taurus? I don’t mean the new improved 2010 version, I’m thinking of the slightly worn out 2000 model with a modest hint of rust along the wheel frame. Is the guy mentioned earlier still as attractive as when he was in his Mercedes?

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Kidz that txt oftn score hier on reading tests

It is the growing concern of many teachers and parents that their children are learning poor grammar and spelling because of instant messaging and texting.  In particular the biggest concern is over the abbreviations used while texting.  The shorthand, sometimes referred to as textism, has been heavily criticized recently because younger and younger children are beginning to use it.  The scare is that this form of writing may eventually lead to a decrease in comprehension and writing creativity. Researcher Beverly Plester and colleagues decided to find out whether or not parents did have something to worry about.

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Your Eyes, Your Decisions

Neurophilosophy ran a recent blog entry about what your eyes reveal about decision making.  And as it turns out, a lot can be learned from your eyes, specifically the timing of decisions. Any aspiring poker players should take note of the studies discussed in the blog.  I don’t want to go out on a limb and … Read more

Take Cover DSM-V!

The former chair of the DSM- IV recently wrote a piece for the Psychiatric Times in which he rips apart the new manual from cover to cover.  The critique is substantial, and largely covers what many other professionals in the field have already said.  Dr Frances, however, has the unique position of having gone through … Read more

My Experiences With Autism

For those of you that don’t know Temple Grandin you should take the time to aquaint yourself with her and her work.  I’ll give a short list of some of her accomplishments: Best-selling author, professor of animal behavior, inventor of the hug-machine, livestock consultant. She has been featured in numerous publications including; The New York … Read more

“Brand Name” Therapies

New research suggests that psychdynamic therapy is just as successful in treating patients as newer more “brand name” therapies such as cognitive-behavioral treatment or medication treatment. If that isn’t surprising enough the largest shock may be that the more traditional styles of therapy seem to be more successful in the long run than newer treatment styles.

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Sleep Matters

Positive correlation found between sleep and gray matter volume. Researchers Ellemarije Altena and Ysbrand van der Werf in conjunction with Eus van Someren, found a positive correlation between sleep length and gray matter volume.  Using a technique called voxel-based morphometry (more on that here) the two researchers compared gray matter volume of chronic insomniacs who … Read more