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Mend mental health care – The Detroit News

Each time it was inferred that Adam Lanza suffered from Asperger’s syndrome, or that Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes and Gabby Gifford’s shooter Jared Loughner were schizophrenic, mental health providers winced. Not only does blaming mental illness for rampage shootings perpetuate the false notion that mental illness predisposes one to violence, it opens the door … Read more

Deinstitutionalizing Michigan’s mentally ill has been an underfunded disaster – Detroit Free Press

After closing three-quarters of Michigan’s 16 state psychiatric hospitals by 2003, the state put the task of caring for the mentally ill firmly — and appropriately — on the backs of Community Mental Health agencies. With hospital stays costing more than $800 a day, treating mental illness in the community is less expensive, more humane … Read more

Jeff Gerritt: A good idea gone bad – Detroit Free Press

Moving the care of thousands of mentally ill people from psychiatric hospitals — some straight out of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” — to the community was the right idea. Community mental health programs are usually more humane and effective — and always less expensive. But even good ideas can turn out bad. The … Read more

Shootings expose cracks in US mental health system – WGCL Atlanta

By CARLA K. JOHNSON and PATRICK CONDONAssociated Press MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Andrew Engeldinger’s parents pushed him for two years to seek treatment for what they suspected was mental illness, but even though he became increasingly paranoid and experienced delusions, there was nothing more they could do. Minnesota law doesn’t allow people to be forced into … Read more