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Birmingham Maple Clinic Reports That Overuse of Social Media May Contribute to Anxiety

The Birmingham Maple Clinic, providers of professional mental health services in Michigan, recently reported on an article by Kathryn Gregory of the West Virginia Gazette that suggests there is a link for many between social media and the fear of “missing out”. As reported by the mental health treatment clinic in Michigan, Gregory’s article discusses how popular forms of social media can lead to anxiety, especially in those who are prone to it. In the article, Gregory notes, “As the constant need for communication is becoming the social norm, it’s increasingly difficult for people to differentiate their virtual life from their real social life, leading to ballooned social anxiety. “ According to Lori Edelson, Birmingham Maple Clinic spokesperson, “We are definitely seeing negative results from the over-utilization of social media – reduced social skills, less awareness of how to interact with people in ‘real time,’ a reduced physical activity and other negative consequences. Additionally, it’s easy to see that some users develop a need for constant communication that can stem from the fear of ‘missing out’ on social activities. This can result in a stressful situation that can increase social anxiety in some individuals.”

As reported by the mental health experts at the Birmingham Maple Clinic, who provide treatment and therapy for a number of mental health disorders in Michigan, although social networking is still a relatively new form of communication, there are certainly indicators that its use (and overuse), could have potentially negative effects on some users. As reported by Edelson, “Those who suffer from social anxiety or who are prone to having feelings of being ‘left out’ or always missing out on activities, may find themselves hurt when they use social media, as it can glamorize other people’s lives and give us a feeling that someone is always doing something better.” For some individuals, the clinic reports, this can lead to feelings of sadness or can even intensify feelings of loneliness, making it important to think about how individuals are using, or relying on, social media in their lives.

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