How to Talk Politics With Those You Love – Without Tearing Your Hair or Their Eyes Out


From Lois M. Collins of

Nine out of 10 Americans believe the 2016 presidential election is the most “polarizing” and “volatile” ever, according to research that says you’re not imagining it if you think you’re seeing fewer campaign signs, bumper stickers and people willing to ‘fess up about where they’ve thrown their support.

“We’ve been tracking for 12 years now how comfortable or uncomfortable people are talking with friends, loved ones and colleagues about their political opinions,” said Joseph Grenny, co-author of the book “Crucial Conversations.” “And people have never been more terrified than this year.”

In fact, according to research released Wednesday by Grenny and David Maxfield, co-founders of leadership training company VitalSmarts, a third of those surveyed said they’d been “attacked, insulted or called names” for sharing opinions, while a fourth said a relationship suffered after a political discussion.

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