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Dr. Andrea Celenza Lectures at Birmingham Maple Clinic


Andrea Celenza, PhD, author, training and supervising analyst at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and Assistant Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School visited Birmingham Maple Clinic on Friday March 18, 2016 to discuss Sexual Boundary Violations.

Dr. Celenza met with clinic therapists to discuss the prevalence of sexual boundary violations by professionals; the typical scenarios and contexts in which they occur, clinical findings about the antecedents and consequences of this behavior in the therapeutic treatment relationship, and recommendations for cultural, structural, and institutional changes that will prevent this harmful behavior from occurring.

According to Dr. Celenza, patients who have been mistreated by their therapists may feel shame, guilt, confusion, isolation, fear, depression, suicidality, rage, PTSD, trust issues, and avoidance of further treatment. She stressed the importance of reminding the patient that it is NEVER the patient’s fault when a sexual boundary is violated. Due to the imbalance in power in the therapeutic relationship, it is ALWAYS the fault of the professional.

Dr. Celenza recommends atmospheres of openness, honesty, support and consultation with other therapists as a prophylactic measure to prevent sexual boundary violations. Birmingham Maple Clinic therapists are committed to upholding ethical values as outlined by their credentials and professional code of ethics. Therapists at Birmingham Maple Clinic receive regular supervision, case consultation, and clinical review as well as participate in educational lectures like this one by Dr. Celenza to ensure the highest level of quality mental health care is provided to their patients at the clinic.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Andrea Celenza and her book Erotic Revelations visit www.andreacelenza.com

Therapists at Birmingham Maple Clinic are equipped to treat clients suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD from a past boundary violation. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a therapist at Birmingham Maple Clinic visit www.birminghammaple.com or call (248) 646-6659.