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Birmingham Maple Clinic Therapists Dedicated to Continuous Learning

Birmingham Maple Clinic therapists are dedicated to learning up-to-date information and empirically validated practices to help improve their client’s lives.  As apart of this commitment Birmingham Maple Clinic’s team attends monthly in-house educational sessions in addition to outside continuing education seminars in each therapist’s respective discipline. Birmingham Maple Clinic invites experts in the community, as well as, highly trained staff within the clinic to provide education on a variety of mental health, medical, social, legal and political topics that may affect client’s lives or best practices in the outpatient mental health setting.

On Friday July 10, 2015, BMC therapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Carrie Krawiec spoke on Social Learning Theory, specifically, the empirically validated mode Parent Management Training-Oregon.

Parent Management Training-Oregon is a behavior intervention program designed by Dr. Gerald Patterson and colleagues at the Oregon Social Learning Center. Carrie explained the five core parenting techniques skills uncovered by Patterson’s team to have the biggest impact on child behavior. These are:

 1) Encouragement: Teaching children new behavior through the use of praise and incentives.

2) Limit Setting: Responding to problem behavior with negative, nonphysical consequences.

3) Monitoring & Supervision: Checking on children’s behavior at home and away from home.

4) Family Problem Solving: An organized method of making decisions with family input.

5) Positive Parent Involvement: Parents demonstrating interest, caring and attention.

Carrie explained to therapists what individual problems and family issues may be best treated using this intervention, modeled what a typical therapy session may look like, and taught unique techniques for engaging parents and kids in behavior change.

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To learn more about Parent Management Training-Oregon visit http://www.oslc.org.