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#31DaysOfTherapy Quotes for Days 2 through 4

As part of May is Mental Health Month, Birmingham Maple Clinic therapists are sharing a core belief they have about therapy and mental health in conjunction with their #31daysoftherapy campaign. Here are the quotes from days 2 through 4.

Day 2: Kate Smith, MA, LLP  “Trust the process.” Kate specializes in Anxiety & PanicDepression, Grief and Loss, Eating DisordersSubstance AbuseTrauma

Day 3: Christine Muska, LMFT shared Wayne Dyer’s quote “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” 
Day 4: Regina Ruelle, LMFT ” Operate on a higher functioning and seek the good.” Regina is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist that specializes in AD/HDAnxiety & PanicChildren’s IssuesDepression, Grief and Loss, Family, Marriage & Relationship IssuesMood Disorders