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Elder Abuse Can Take Many Forms

Elder_AbuseWhile we are aware of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, substance abuse, and other forms of abuse, we may not think enough about Elder Abuse.  This can take the form of physical and verbal abuse, and can also involve financial abuse by caregivers or relatives of the senior. 

An article by Bonnie Kupperman, Executive Editor of My Senior Portal, an online news site for senior citizens, lists some important signs to watch for:

  • Does the person seem to be in a problem situation and reluctant to answer questions?
  • Look for signs of hunger, bruises, personality changes, signs of neglect or lack of cleanliness.
  • Don’t presume that it could never be a relative abusing their elder.
  • Over 50% of victims of elder abuse are over 80; 2/3 are women; 60% show signs of dementia and more than 40% show signs of depression.
  • If you notice any of these signs or if you are concerned, call Adult Protective Services.  You do not need proof of abuse.  Call 911 if you suspect immediate danger.

For more information about resources, contact National Center on Elder Abuse 1-800-677-1116. You can call anonymously.