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How to Tell When Your Child Needs a Tutor

homeworkWe are living in an age dominated by technology, two working parents , cuts in educational funding, and government determined educational standards.  Educators are overwhelmed, and time for one on one communication with students has diminished.  Need for a tutor is evident when a child expresses frustration about one or more subjects in school, refuses to work with parents to address this frustration, and seems to be falling behind in one or more classes.
 Parents need to be parents, not teachers.  This is why students have a positive response to the tutor who provides the  one-on-one attention to address the frustration.  Sometimes students need tutors to work on organizational skills.  These children forget homework, books, assignments, and come home with backpacks overflowing with papers. They may have done homework, but forgot to hand it in. They may have forgotten assignments. These students require exposure to methods for organization. A tutor can help.  A tutor sometimes needs to be a laison between parent and school, so special arrangements can be implemented.
Students with learning disabilities can certainly benefit from time with a tutor.  Depending upon the disability, the tutor can work on academics, social skills, communication skills, or behaviors.  The one-on-one time allows the opportunity for repetition and concentrated practice. Children can move forward from their own starting line.
The amount of time spent with a tutor is dependent on the child’s needs and schedule.  Usually, once or twice a week is adequate.  However, there is always the financial consideration.  Many tutors will use a sliding financial scale dictated by the families’ ability to pay, and the number of times a student is visited each week.  Many schools and organizations now offer free tutoring on Saturdays or after school. A community education group might be able to suggest the availability of free tutoring. Sometimes high school students will tutor for free.  There are senior citizen groups who will tutor. Other parents, teachers, and therapists may know about  tutors.  The going rate for tutor payment ranges from about $30.00/hour to $70.00/hour.  Charges are based on tutor experience, ability, and achievements.