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Failure to Launch Adolescents: BMC on Fox 2 News

Lori Edelson, Clinic Director of Birmingham Maple Clinic in Troy, MI appeared on Fox 2 News Detroit with Kam Carmen to discuss “Failure to Launch.”

Failure to Launch” refers to the adolescents and young adults that are out of work, out of school, financially reliant on parents and not meeting other appropriate developmental markers. In her interview, Lori referenced a recent study by Georgetown University that points to economic changes that have slowed the process of entering the work force and achieving full time employment for many recent grads.

In addition to the economic climate, Lori also spoke about how the presence of new technology causes young people to have difficulty accepting reality, tolerating boredom, valuing instant gratification over hard work, and developing other adaptive coping skills.

Lori went on to give parents advice on how to adjust the parent-child relationship. For young adults, parents should no longer be in a care-taking role and instead should be shifting more responsibilities to the adult child. Parents should articulate clear expectations about the child’s genuine attempts to get work, even if that means accepting a lesser paying job until the present market changes. And parents should be prepared to set limits and apply consequences when those objectives are not being met. Importantly, Lori also advised parents to be assessing for substance abuse. She discussed the side effects of marijuana use; low motivation and lethargy that are often contributors to this “failing to launch” dynamic. Marijuana masks the stress a young adult may need to push them to achieve.

If you have an adolescent or young adult that seems depressed, avoidant, not motivated abusing substances or you are having frequent family conflicts about the presence of an adult child in your home you may value from speaking to an individual or family therapist. Birmingham  Maple Clinic also offers groups for parents to learn techniques to change these maladaptive family dynamics.

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To view Kam Carmen’s interview of Lori Edelson visit http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/video?clipId=9501639&autostart=true