“Failure To Launch” Isn’t Just A Movie Title

Most of us can identify several developmental milestones that embody adulthood.  They include:

    Graduating college

    Living independently from parents

    Financial independence

    Significant relationship with an adult partner

    Making decisions about having a family

Typically this occurs in a person’s mid-to-late 20’s, but in the last several years, we have seen that age range continue to creep up.  Economic conditions were blamed for this phenomenon, but we know it’s more than that.  Young people are remaining uncommitted and dependent far longer these days…and parents are permitting it…or are they?

Parents who have been enabling their kids to “do it all” and “be the best” have seemed to slack off when it comes to “become independent!”  Instead, parents have offered to bankroll and house their adult children while they “find something that they truly enjoy” or “find themselves.”  Are these parents permitting dependence or are they enabling it?

If you find yourself the parent of a 20-something/almost 30-something who is still trying to “figure it out” – you need help too!  Maybe it’s your child who is in control of things at home and you are the one being manipulated into giving in and giving up.

Birmingham Maple Clinic is hosting a national expert, Jerome Price, LMFT, who will be teaching a parenting course for parents with kids who are “failing to launch.”

It will include 10 hours of parent education, every Wednesday evening in October, 2013.  Parents will be offered seminars, discussions, and even homework to help their kids finally become independent.


Do you suspect that your child is a “failure to launch” child?  Call to get more information and enroll:  248 646 6659

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