Anton Babushkin Featured in The Bridge

Why did you go into social work?

I am very passionate about helping people – I strongly believe that when we can
help our clients work through the internal difficulties and barriers to improved emotional health, that process can unleash radical and transformative potential. People who have been helped in this way often find stored away, innate abilities with which to take initiative, improve relationships with friends and family and become more interested and involved in the world around them. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy can be a very powerful and effective treatment that can bring healing to members of our community. Serving people and helping to improve the world around me are my reasons for being a clinical social worker.

Major Accomplishments:

I was able to help raise about $1000 in donations to support the outreach and educational efforts of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute, a non-profit organization focused on advanced clinical training for mental health professionals.

What are your future social work goals?

I am currently working at the Birmingham Maple Clinic, along with completing my doctorate in clinical social work through Smith College School for Social Work. My hope
is to be closely involved in the communities where I live and work. I believe that many more people can be helped by psychotherapy if they were more knowledgeable about its potential benefits and knew where to seek effective services.

In the future I hope to be involved in many fundraising and advocacy efforts in order to make psychotherapy more affordable and widely available to people in our community. My dream is to help retell the story of mental health treatment – to help people understand that it is not a therapy for the “sick” and “unwanted” members of our society, but rather a very effective and thoughtful treatment that can truly change lives.

Anton was recommended by Carrie Krawiec, therapist at the Birmingham Maple Clinic. “Anton is a sensitive and insight- ful therapist that gives valuable and supportive feedback to his clients as well as to therapists in supervision. I value his clinical skills as a colleague and feel satisfied in the treatment provided to clients I have referred. He advances social work by balancing strong clinical skills in private practice with a desire to serve the community through volunteer work and educating future social workers.”

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